24 October 2013

Travel Thursday: Paris by Rachael Lindsy Photography

Sigh, doesn't Paris hold a piece of all our hearts? These gorgeous travel images from Rachael Lindsy Photography showcase the lovely city looking oh so fine. Beautiful architecture, the locks of lovers, darling entrances, majestic arches and walkways, and brilliant colors all shine through Rachael's images. A wonderfully eclectic mix of color and adventure, these images will have you longing to see Paris yourself!

This was the first time for both my husband and I to travel overseas. The perfect opportunity finally came along that allowed us the chance to go. My husband was sent by a client to go check some things out at the Paris air show. I met him in Paris when he was done working. I have to say, never flying for such a long period of time and distance, I've never experienced such a phenomena before. I watched the sunset on the plane, (which was absolutely breathtaking) then decided I'd try to sleep. I slept on and off for three hours and when I awoke the last time, I noticed light peeking through the window shade. What?! I just watched the sunset! How's there light, how's the sun already up? That was by far the strangest thing I experienced while traveling. 

We spent a few days in Paris by the Louvre, then three days in Interlaken, Switzerland, and then came back for a few more days in the Latin Quarter of Paris. It was amazing to see the history there. It's just not something we have here and is incredible to experience. It seemed like were were running into cathedrals everywhere we walked. My favorite was Norte Dame. Just beautiful! We also really enjoyed the Musée d'Orsay, the impressionists museum. 

I really enjoyed Paris, but it was crazy busy. Lots and lots of people. I don't think we had a single bad meal and the pastries are to die for! We got spoiled there with the pastries because we just couldn't find them where we were in Switzerland and really missed them! And thank goodness for GPS on the phone. There is no rhyme or reason to the streets and so easy to get lost. Even with GPS, we still did a few circles!

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