17 October 2013

Travel Thursdays: Switzerland by Rachael Lindsy Photography

The colors, the beautiful homes, the transportation, incredible framing, and oh! the mountains, make Rachael Lindsy Photography's images of Switzerland absolutely irresistible.  The landscape is overflowing with life and color, the waters are a bright brilliant blue, and the city showcases wonderful tones of red, gold, blue, and green to pop out against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains.  Take a venture into these gorgeous Switzerland images and travel along with Rachael Lindsy Photography!

About this trip: We decided when we'd go to Paris that it's so easy to travel around in Europe, that we'd go somewhere else as well. I was thinking the Alps because we love nature and the Canadian Rockies. So a good friend of mine suggested Interlaken. Interlaken, Switzerland was completely different than what we saw in Paris. Paris is very neutral, lots of stone, not a lot of color anywhere. When we arrived in Interlaken, I saw lots of color everywhere, multi-colored houses and completely different architecture. It was amazing to see such a difference in culture that's relatively close. 

We had such an adventure in the Alps. On the last full day we were there, we decided to take two train rides up in the mountains to Wengen, then a gondola ride up to Männlichen. We were then going to hike an easy hour and twenty minutes over to Klein Scheidegg, only to find out that our path was closed because the snow hadn't melted yet. At this point, we didn't know what to do. All we knew is that we had to be at Klein Scheidegg by 4 for the last train ride down the mountains. Other than back-tracking, the only other option was to hike another trail that was marked for experienced hikers and had no clue how long that was going to take. While everyone else up there adorned their wonderful hiking gear, here we were with camera gear and regular clothes. We were not dressed for the occasion. It turned out to be the most amazing hike EVER though! It was insanely beautiful! Pictures just don't do it justice. After hiking two and a half hours, through snow and mud, we finally made it to our destination, Klein Scheidegg. We treated ourselves to some yummy dessert at Hotel Bellevue there. I'd love to go back and just hike around the Alps.

Photo credit: Rachael Lindsy Photography 

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