28 October 2013

Woodsy Engagement Session by Inkspot Photography

When we got to read the love story behind the shoot, we smiled because again we see why love works in the most mysterious way.. It makes us blush, makes us shy and our hearts burn in flames because love is just too exciting and keeps us on our tippy toes.. Love connects us, erases fears, and makes us stay in such a blissful state of mind. So when Jon met Jill, he felt exactly that way. And Jill smiled because she knew she'd be the one he'd put his heart into her hands, and now that they are together they love to the fullest. Can you feel their love through these woodsy engagement session photographs by Inkspot? We certainly do! Just look at these smiling faces as they sit on their red bicycle looking each other right in the eyes? That is the love we all want and when it finds us, we hold on to it for dear life! Love is truly magnificent! 

Their love story: From Jill: We (sort of) knew each other before we started dating. I had no idea that Jon was interested in me for the longest time. I always assumed he was just really shy, but as it turned out he was just far too nervous to strike up a conversation. During the summer of 2010 we were part of a group from our church that was going through the book “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. That was when I got a chance to really see a different side of Jon – and I liked what I saw! We started spending time together but took it slow and established a really solid friendship first. After a few months we went on our first official date (a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge followed by dinner at a fantastic Thai restaurant) and I knew I was a goner. We quickly became the best of friends and knew that we truly wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

The proposal: From Jon: I knew I wanted to pop the question in San Francisco. Jill and I both have a deep attachment to the city. I just couldn’t decide where exactly to go. Finally, I remembered. Why not take her to Golden Gate Park, the same spot I had told her I loved her for the first time two years prior? I loved the idea from the get-go. Then, I had to come up with an excuse to get us out there without arousing any suspicion. After all, we both knew we wanted to marry each other, and it was an ideal time to ask. I got a couple of our friends to ask Jill if she wanted us to go on a double date with them. Jill and I would go out a little early, grab a late lunch, and then meet up with a couple of our friends in Golden Gate Park, going from there to grab dinner and drinks downtown. The plan was in place. On the big day, Jill and I drove out to San Francisco, and enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Parada 22, a Puerto Rican restaurant in the Haight District. Jill and I then started heading to Golden Gate Park, where our friends were supposedly waiting for us. Technically, they were waiting for us there. However, we weren’t really going out on a double date that night. They were waiting in the bushes near the spot I was going to propose, cameras in hand, ready to document the happiest day of mine and Jill’s lives. As Jill and I got closer to the spot, I found it more and more difficult to explain why we were meeting our friends in this secluded corner of Golden Gate Park, or why we were meeting them in Golden Gate Park at all. I was struggling to maintain this lighthearted deception. After what seemed like an eternity, there we were, and I was down on one knee. Immediately, the entire speech I had been planning for the last two weeks vanished. I just said what was in my heart, that I loved Jill more than anyone of the face of the earth, and that there was nothing I wanted more than to spend the rest of my life with her. And she said "yes"!

Photo credit: Inkspot Photography // Banner: Bee Curious Designs

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