21 October 2013

Young Love Engagement Session by Kristen Booth Photography

We don't know if you're familiar with all the whimsical photography style Kristen Booth never ceases to impress us with, but let us proudly present you this amazing engagement session. We are more than convinced that you will love it to the fullest!

Just close your eyes as we depict you a beautiful love story that comes from your favorite book of fairy tales.. Somewhere deep inside the wild forest with moss covered rocks, there's a beautiful couple with fierce but gentle hearts, picture them holding hands and sharing sweet kisses as they dream of their love carry them through many years they will be spending together side by side... Picture their eternal love sparkling in the lands of tiny white flowers, and rivers surrounded by rocky mountains. There in the middle of the forest try and see a ring gently placed on a mushroom and birds singing love songs to those who remain dreamers against all odds...

That love will leave the biggest impact on their lives, it will protect them like a shield and it will be beautifully told in photographs so brilliantly captured by the talented Kristen Booth...

Their love story: We met when we were 14 and freshmen in high school. We started dating and felt as if we had known each other all of our lives. We found out we were pregnant our first day of our sophomore year. Jordan proposed on New Years under fireworks at Monterey Bay, Ca. Our son was born on April 9th, 2011 and we were beyond in love. We both stayed in school while our son, Aydan Anthony-James, was taken care of by his grandmother. After starting freshman year together as kids, we were set to get married as now, adults graduating as seniors and being together for 4 years. On June 1st, 2013 we made not only the commitment to ourselves but it God as well. It's not every day when your son gets to be your ring bearer and walk his daddy down the aisle and wait to see his mommy in a white ball gown.

The proposal: I was 6 months pregnant and visited Jordan in Monterey Bay, Ca because we haven't seen each other in almost a month since he was visiting family. We were next to the beach, and the clock struck midnight. There were so many beautiful fireworks and he gave me a clear box with silver confetti in it. I opened it and he got on one knee and proposed to me. Turned out I had the same exact box for him and a ring for him as well. So it was obviously meant to be.

About their engagement session: Our engagement session was beautiful. We hiked up a mountain at Bass Lake, Ca with Kristen booth and couldn't get enough of the fairytale, mossy, and enchanted escape. I never knew what our love looked like from a different person's point of view and Kristen showed me that our love shows people, that happy endings still do exist.

Photo credit: Kristen Booth Photography

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