05 November 2013

A Fall Engagement Session by Corey Morgan Photography

The colors and cuddles of this incredible fall engagement are absolutely endearing!  Corey Morgan Photography perfectly captures young love through a series of autumn adventures - the leaves, glowing sunshine, a darling wardrobe, and fantastic locations create a breathtaking backdrop to tell a beautiful love story.  They didn't fall in love at first sight, but one glance at their engagement images and you know this love is a love made to last.

OUR LOVE STORY // Peter and I don't have one of those " love at first sight" moment type of stories. In fact its a little bit on the other side of the spectrum. He and I first met through a random friend I met in a photography class that I took in community college. My friend, after getting to know me for a few weeks was totally convinced I needed to meet his friend Peter! He pressed at how Peter and I were the only two he knew that talked about God so passionately, genuinely and lovingly. I was flattered, but was in a relationship so I didn't care to do much about it. Soon after, that friend introduced us at the very uh... romantic.... Del Taco! It wasn't supposed to be a date, so I didn't think twice about it. My first impression was a bland one. I seriously doubted any potential between the two of us. He was quiet, and just not what I thought I would be interested in. But as many doubts fail, mine did too; though it took years of connections, adventures, and Facebook chats for us to finally start something special. Finally, an intense Facebook chat brought us together in Fullerton, where we adventured around alleyways and shipping centers like crazy people until 5am, trying not to fall in love. By the second date I KNEW I would marry him. It was quite intense spiritual, emotionally, and mentally and I loved every minute of it.

HOW HE PROPOSE // Goodness... I will try to keep this short. I was at the very end of my last semester at Cal Stat Fullerton and in the heat of my final performances of dance concert. I was busier than I could ever recall; performing, studying for finals, living out of a suit case and still trying to work. As I was leaving the dance studio I worked at at the time, I ran into one of Peter's friends. Surprised, I asked what he was doing two hours away from home. As he handed me a paint brush, a tube of paint, and a note telling me it was from peter, I immediately knew what was happening. I panicked and didn't know what to do for a second, but I gathered my wits and read the note that said, "Meet me at our favorite taco joint. Its red, white, and yellow." Of course he meant Del Taco. the last thing I wanted was a Del Taco proposal, but knowing him, I was prepared for a humorous adventure to some extent. After he sent me to del taco where I received a build a bear from his good friend from Germany, he sent me to Starbucks where I received my favorite coffee and a fancy bottle of wine from his brother, then to a beautiful park where I met him. The park had an incredibly romantic scene as I stepped out of my car to meet him. He brought me to a little balcony that overlooked a lake reflecting the sunset and the tall trees surrounding us. And right at the perfect moment, he dropped to his knee, grabbed a painting that asked if i would marry him, and with the paint from the very first friend I saw that day, I marked "yes." The ring was perfect, Peter looked handsome as ever wearing my favorite outfit of his, and I couldn't have been happier. if you want a more detailed story, you can read it here http://peterellie.ourwedding.com/view/9414697873813660/32820523

Photo credit: Corey Morgan Photography

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