04 November 2013

A "Love is Timeless" Engagement Session by Sun and Sparrow Photography

Beautiful and timeless.. This romantic engagement session by Sun & Sparrow Photography is just amazing. Creative and charming, this engagement is all about special memories the couple has been making for a few years. If you enjoy romantic love stories as much as we do, make sure to read the story behind this sweet couple's fairy tale relationship. Don't we all love surprises and little presents our beloved ones give us as their way to say ''I Love You"? Daniel surprised his better half with a bike and a red book called "100 Things I Love About Sherry". Without denying the beautiful bride-to-be reveals that the book had a special meaning for her and we think it's so sweet of men to make our memories blossom through meaningful gifts and cards. We enjoyed the ensemble of stunning dresses, the bride-to-be's flower crown and especially the Gatsby inspired part of the engagement! Job well done, love birds!

OUR PROPOSAL STORY // Daniel & I had been dating for a while. We had gone through years of family holidays, birthdays, anniversaries together. All in fun & in love. On Christmas Eve/Day 2012, Daniel presented me with a bike as a present. Hidden on the bike was a red book titled “100 More Things I Love About Sherry.” This little treasure was a sequel to an original “100 things I love about Sherry,” when we were first dating. I decided I would wait until all the hustle and bustle of opening gifts was over to read the details. Once all the Christmas gifts were opened and family members were either cleaning up the kitchen, watching tv, or taking a dookie in the toilet, I decided to plop on the couch and finally read my book. In the meantime, Daniel was secretly watching me read his “opus.” But since all the family was still over, my niece, Elizabeth, kept distracting him by turning on and off the lights (she was playing with her new light toy). Daniel doesn’t easily get angry, and I wondered why he was so sensitive, but I brushed it off and I just kept on reading. Each page described his love for me in a deeper way. I began to tear up because I knew how far he had fallen from that first book he wrote so many years ago. When I flipped to the final page, it read “She is going to marry me, right?” At that moment, I looked at Daniel and he was on one knee with a beautiful ring. He made a beautiful speech of his love an affection for me, but I was way too nervous to pay attention. After he got up, I jumped to hug him and gave him a PG13 kiss (because family was around), and then my mom asked… “what's happening?!” It was the perfect proposal. 

THE REASON WE CHOSE TO MAKE OUR ENGAGEMENT UNIQUE // Daniel and I wanted an engagement session that reflected our love for Downtown LA and good cocktails. We often times go on random dates to Las Perlas, Cole’s, and Varnish to quell our thirst and thought that these venues would be an awesome backdrop for our photo session. Keeping in mind the Speakeasy theme for our wedding, we decided to extend the idea to convey that “Love is Timeless.” Whether it was having some “prohibition” cocktails in the 1920's, sharing a root beer float in the 1950's, or shooting some tequila/mezcal shots in present day, Daniel and I had a blast on our dates, falling in love in each era. 

Photo credit: Sun and Sparrow Photography // Event Designer:  Nicole Alexandra Designs & Events // Makeup Artist: Cheryl Nacario

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