13 November 2013

Chic Farm Wedding by Eyelet Images

Oh chic farm weddings, we love you!! Farm weddings always look so cozy, and make us want to be there among guests to see two happy people smile and kiss! The bride wearing her luxurious wedding dress by the talented Claire Pettibone, looks ravishing and excited to start her journey as a wife.

This weddings has so much about it to describe, but let us talk about our favorite things. First of all, we love how creative the bridal bouquet is. The bride just picked the best flowers that will always remind her of her wedding day because they are fabric flowers and will always look exactly they way they looked on the big day! How fun is that? We love the idea!

We adore the cute little ring bearer holding a sign 'Last Chance to Run!", so fun and so creative! And let's not forget about neatly packed gifts embellished with tiny yellow flowers, glass jars, paper heart notes, charming wooden boxes for wishes and cards, seats made of haystacks! Cute and original!

ABOUT THE WEDDING: My favorite part of the wedding was the ambiance. We were in a gorgeous barn with all of our closest friends and families with amazing food and desserts, it just felt like an amazing family party. We spent our year and a half engagement collecting, crafting, and planning. My mom scoured garage and estate sales for vintage decor and the broaches that made up my bouquet. She also spent the summer canning 200 jars of homemade raspberry jam and bread and butter pickles, the cucumber were actually grown at Schilter farm since they are a working farm. That was part of the reason we fell in love with our location. We dreamed of taking our kids to pick pumpkins and christmas trees and the place we got married. We planned on a outdoor ceremony, the downfall was the temper mental weather that Washington can have in June. The entire week before the big day it called for rain, luckily it drizzled in the morning and cleared up. It ended up giving us amazing photos with the beautiful clouds in the sky. The most time consuming DIY I tackled was my bouquet, I estimated that it took me around 60 hours for my bouquet alone. I created fabric flowers most petal by petal and then incorporated the broaches in with them. After finishing mine I made three bridesmaids bouquets and one to toss. It took a while to get feeling back to my finger tips from burnt fingers and nicks and cuts from wire and broaches. Overall it was the wedding of my dreams and there is nothing I would change or want to do over.

Photographer: Eyelet Images // Venue: Schilter Family Farm // Wedding Dress: Claire Pettibone from The Dress Theory // Bridesmaids Dresses: The Daisy Shoppe // Florals: Bought wholesale and designed my own // Hair and make-up: Jackie Zavala // Videographer: Taylor Rummell // Invitations: Vistaprint // Rentals: AA Party Rentals // Cake: Jayme A'alona // Caterer: Bill Pappa Bills BBQ 

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