27 November 2013

Rustic Peach and Ivory Wedding by Alexandra Grace Photography

Beautiful tones used at weddings as well as peach colored dresses worn by bridesmaids will always stay our favorite key element.  We know that each couple picks their own color but we still love pastel tones used in flowers, decoration and accessories, and we clearly have a thing for rustic elements such as vintage elements. This rustic wedding features window panes hanging from the tree branches. How beautiful and symbolic is that?!  The sweet couple went for aged door frames which they used as a part of their wedding decoration. It's beautiful and meaningful. We enjoyed it mostly because we believe it is a great way of bringing new meanings to words such as opening doors to new happy life.

We are certain you will feel love through these photographs captured by Alexandra Grace Photography, they are filled with chivalry, tenderness, courtship and love. This is a true ode to love and happiness together! Cheers to the newlyweds!

About the wedding: I had always wanted a classy wedding. While other people will try to be very unique and at the front of new fashions, I had always envisioned the image of a blushing, veiled bride being escorted to her groom, and surrounded and supported by family and friends. My wedding was so much more than I could have hoped for. The weather was perfect, and everything somehow came together. My Family was integral in the wedding. My uncle John performed the ceremony. My other uncle, David and his daughter played piano and accompaniment. My Aunt Jenni coordinated the wedding and made all of my "french garden" themed decorations. My twin was my florist. My brothers walked me half way down the isle to my Father. My Cousins did the make-up and Hair for my bridesmaids. My cousin, Randal, Emceed. Friends donated cookies, flowers and time. Everything was so laced in the love of family and friends. I cannot think of my wedding without thinking of all my loved ones. A few special moments stand out to me. One moment was taking communion with my husband for the first time after our vows. We both love Jesus, and this was a special time to worship Christ as newly-weds. This was a way we wanted to start off our marriage; by seeking our God together. We asked God to guide us in this commitment to each other. Another favorite moment was the "Grand Entrance" as we nicknamed it. Instead of sending all of our guests to the reception and then later showing up to the party after them, we wanted to welcome them into the reception ourselves. We did this by having all the doors closed to the sanctuary and allowing guest to fill up the foyer and enjoy refreshments. Kenton and I sneaked into the sanctuary through a back door. Soon the Emcee announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Kenton Alldritt would like to welcome you all to their wedding feast!" All the doors were thrown open and we were inside with our arms out to our friends inviting them into the celebration.

Wedding Planning Advice: The best advice I received about my wedding day came from my Twin. I am quite the people pleaser and I honestly wanted to be a good hostess. However with a guest count of ~300 people, I could not take care of and interact with everyone. Instead of focusing on all of my guest's needs and inclinations Maddie told me, "You know what your job is for the day? Focus on Kenton." The day of the wedding was greatly simplified. I stopped worrying about socializing with all the guests or caring about every single detail. The most important thing was that I was marrying Kenton, and if I focused on other details, I would miss the reason for a wedding.

Photography: Alexandra Grace Photography // Venue: Calvary Chapel Corvallis // Wedding Gown: Found at "Adorned in Grace" Consignment shop (they donate all their proceeds to helping women being sex trafficked) // Bridesmaids dresses: Merona at Target // Florals: My twin, Madeline Sprunger. Flowers donated by friends // Hair: The Retreat Salon and Day Spa // Invitations: Vistaprint // Rentals: Special Occasions Parties and Events // Cake: Sparrow Bakery

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