14 November 2013

Travel Thursdays: Denmark by Andrea Brionne Photography

From Andrea: I instantly fell in love with Copenhagen. My parents, husband and I decided to stop in Copenhagen, Denmark for a few days to visit a family friend before we traveled to Poland. My favorite part of Copenhagen was the beautiful buildings, friendly people and the picturesque canal on Nyhaven street. Oh, and I can’t forget about the Danish pastries and ice cream too – they definitely are the best! We stayed at our friend’s house not too far from town; they were our tour guides for the days we were there.

Copenhagen definitely is the bike capitol in the world! Sadly, we didn’t end up renting any bikes, but I would recommend doing so if you’re ever there visiting. There is so much history in Copenhagen and full of places to see. Some that I recommend are the castles (Kronborg and Frederiksborg), the popular tourist canal on Nyhaven street and Tivoli (one of the world’s first theme parks). We only stayed for a few days, so I hope to one day return to see more of Denmark and maybe take the bridge across the water to Sweden! 

Places to eat: Tafflebay Bakery for breakfast pastries and Forno a Legna (pizzeria) for lunch/dinner.
Places shown in images: Kronborg Castle, Frederiksborg Castle, Queens Palace, Queens Summer home, Nyhaven Street, Canal Tour, Little Mermaid Statue, Tivoli, Round Tower

Photo credit: Andrea Brionne Photography

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