03 December 2013

Bohemian Bridal Inspiration by J. M. Hunter Photography

"Let my beauty run wild...." This is exactly what came to our mind when we first saw these incredible photographs taken by J.M. Hunter Photography.. These images left such a powerful impact on our perception of creativity and beauty. Merciless mountains, home to the toughest caves and bosses, wild forests, the roughness of moss covered rocks, and a fast flowing river breaking every obstacle in its way, embracing the mountains in a very soft way. This is a beautiful picture of the harshness and the softness combined in one word: nature. We love the symbolic meaning of this bohemian inspired shoot when the river flowing in its channel, is a source of energy, and where a beautiful woman dressed in white stands on top of the rocky hill looking down as the river flows and the clouds flow up above..

We truly love the concept of the shoot as well as a very special approach to embracing the bold beauty of the woman dressed in a white dress standing next to a waterfall, and representing glory and power of a human soul..

From Jessica Hunter: "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the lord establishes their steps." - Proverbs 16:9. This is the verse I have chosen for my new series called Wanderlust NW Weddings, which incorporates my love of traveling and my passion of photography.  I was inspired by a Facebook page called Beautiful Washington and couldn't believe I had not explored the many places they post about and therefore, I set out on a new journey to explore some of the most beautiful places in the PNW while planning a stylized wedding shoot at each location. God has amazing masterpieces in the world and some of the most beautiful ones are right here in the PNW. This particular location I did a bohemian inspired bridal shoot with two separate looks. The biggest challenge for this shoot was it was raining and our model was freezing. Therefore, we spent some time warming up in the car or having breaks to allow her to warm up and unthaw her hands. The location was taken place at Diablo Lake, WA in the North Cascades and yes the water really is that color. If you have a chance to travel through the North Cascades, I highly recommend stopping at this location. There is a lookout (which is where majority of the photos were taken at) just off the highway as you travel amongst the tall mountains.  I was grateful to have had two other photographers join me on this adventure.  Our journey started bright and early traveling from Yakima, WA to Wenatchee, WA (2 hours) where hair and make-up was done. As we went to pick up our bouquet and crown from the flower shop we came across an all dahlia flower show and were able to construct a second bouquet to go along with the second gown.  We had some trouble meeting up with the second photographer at Diablo because there is no cell service and not having been to this location before I didn't have an exact address to send her to meet us. However, she spotted us just before she was about to head back home and I am so thankful she did because all in all the purpose of the journey is not the photos, it is merely the adventure and the people I meet along the way.
Photography: J. M. Hunter // Dress (#1): Unforgettable "Moments to Remember" // Dress (#2): A Princess Bride Couture Bridal Salon // Hair: Autumn Garibay // Make-up: Laura Anaya // Bouquet/Floral Crown: Full Bloom Flowers and Plants // Dahlia Bouquet: Put together by Solie Designs // Jewelry: A la Pop Jewelry 

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