09 December 2013

One-year Anniversary Shoot by Ashley Jennings Photography

We love celebrating love... Celebrating love each and every day we spend with those we love most.. People who enter our life, change everything around us, bring the best out of us and treasure us like nobody has ever done that before. Let us introduce you to the life of this beautiful couple Dale and Lindsay, and show you their love beautifully captured by Ashley Jennings Photography.

These pretty photographs depict love at its finest. Holding each other tight, sipping white wine and cuddling together as the sun goes down. Lindsay and Dale created their perfect little world, their safe haven, and filled it with objects they love. Stunning stationary, old cameras, vintage suitcases and cushions to lay their heads on as they make plans and dreams together, and cupcakes, of course!

We enjoy seeing such lovely photographs honoring the sacred meaning of marriage and we truly thank Dale and Lindsay for sharing it with Le Magnifique.

About the couple: We just celebrated our first anniversary! Our favorite things to do together are enjoying each others company at home. We like to watch our favorite tv shows, go shopping (yes, Dale too), and go out to eat. We also love spending time with our corgi puppy named Pippa! We don't have children yet so she is considered our first born. We are homebodies for the most part, but we also really love spending time with our close knit family and friends!

Marriage advice: I think the best thing I could advise to married couples, especially ones that are still in their first few years of marriage, is to just remember that neither of you are perfect. You're going to disagree and you may argue from time to time, but that doesn't mean you have a bad marriage or necessarily bad communication. Instead of worrying or staying hurt, use those times to learn about one another and grow closer together. Also, I think remembering that your marriage is one-of-a-kind. Don't compare your marriage to the others around you! Enjoy the marriage that YOU have. Enjoy the times that YOU share as a couple, and embrace every moment YOU have together.

About their shoot: I've been wanting to become a stylist for some time now, but I had no idea where to begin! We were planning on throwing a intimate one year anniversary party, but with the hectic year we had it fell through. So last minute I thought, "Maybe I can just style a one year anniversary shoot!" I had a few ideas in the back of my head for a while; like the gold glitter accents, vintage feel and the whimsical attire. I definitely wanted to incorporate my original wedding bouquet and his boutonniere. I wanted to have some fun memories of celebrating our one year, even if it wasn't a party. We endured a crazy first year of marriage! I had a pretty scary medical issue that came up unexpectedly. It was a very difficult season, but I got through it healthy and we became so much closer as a couple. It made us both realize that WE are definitely meant to be together. So I think we wanted to celebrate the year, our trials, our ups and downs, our fun times, and many more memories. So I think capping it off with a fun shoot was perfect! Plus, we couldn't have imagined anyone else shooting it but Ashley Jennings! Not only is she a fabulous photographer, but she is an amazing friend. She was there for each step of our dating life, to our married life. She experienced with us my medical scare, and much more. So having her be a part of something special like celebrating our first year was a definite no brainer!!

Photo credit: Ashley Jennings Photography

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