12 December 2013

One-year Anniversary Shoot by Piteira Photography & Como Branco Wedding Concept

They say each wedding anniversary has its own meaning. The very first year of marriage stands for 'a paper wedding anniversary' and this one-year anniversary shoot by Piteira Photography & Como Branco Wedding Concept is all about flamboyant love, excitement, fun, bright colors, the sun above the ocean, and, playing with the meaning of the very first wedding anniversary, of course!

We absolutely enjoyed seeing so many creative accents used at the shoot, as well as bold colors that the newlyweds gave their preferences to. Not every day we see such artistic ways of seeing love two people have for one another. We don't think we will be wrong if we say that nowadays most couple prefer blush colors, calm colors such light blue, ivory, mint and light pink, but seeing these two masterfully play with royal blue and yellow made our heart skip a beat!

Look at the fun idea of using colorful sticky notes as a part of the wedding anniversary decoration! It's refreshing and playful! 

On a side note, here's a little bit of fun idea. As you may now know, the names of some anniversaries provide guidance for appropriate or traditional gifts for the spouses to give each other. For example, the first year of marriage (paper wedding anniversary) is perfect for paper goods, the second (cotton wedding anniversary) is good for soft gifts, the third (leather wedding anniversary) is great for glassware, and crystal objects.

Respect traditions and have fun doing it!

About the shoot: Taking the "Paper Wedding Anniversary" (1 year) theme as a starting point, we created the stationary using post-its and some other paper elements. We took the same blue colour used in the wedding and mixed it with yellow to create the palette for this intimate celebration.

The chosen location was actually on the other shore of the same river that runs close to their wedding venue, and they could see the Palace where exactly one year before they got married.

The concept, design and styling are by Como Branco but we would not have achieved this result without the precious help of the following suppliers:

Photography: Piteira Photography // Furniture & Decor: Green Apple // Make up: Martist // Cakes & Pastry: Bolos da Mafalda // Hair Styling: MCC hairstylist // Video: The Amazing Rabbit // Coordination & Design: Como Branco Wedding Concept

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