09 December 2013

An Oregon Engagement Session by Amanda K Photography

This sweet engagement photoshoot is all about sweetness and tenderness, but also the story behind how these two fell in love. The stunning bride to-be tells a story of how her future husband became her sort of perfect, and why she said YES to his creative proposal. Please make sure to read more about how exactly Adi proposed to his lovely young bride and why it's always very important to put all your heart into creating something truly special for the ones we love most.

The last but not the least, we'd like to say a few words about our favorite photograph from this engagement session. The photograph of the husband to-be leading his beloved by the hand as they walk across the field.. There's so much chivalry in it, but also a true meaning of marriage: being guided, protected and cared for by your stronger half, and for us it's beauty in its glory!

Their love story: Our love story began at a wedding, and continues on taking us to our own wedding and a very exciting future together. The first time we met was a the wedding of a mutual friend; and it just so happened that the only seat available at the table of my group of friends was next to Adi. From there on we had gone to the movies, and a hiking trip as friends. Soon our relationship turning into more than just a friendship. We found that we had a lot of things in common and a love for a lot of the same things in life. Adi was the first boy to meet my parents and he was sure to do it quickly because we both knew that this would be a relationship that would last a long time. We have had many silly moments together, some embarrassing, and some life changing. It has all brought us closer together and we have became the best of friends; our love just continues to grow. Even after being together with Adi for four and a half years i find that i am always missing him the second he leaves.

How he asked: Our first date was on the Fourth of July; three years later for our anniversary Adi had taken me to the lookout spot where we had gone on our first date to watch the Portland fireworks. He told me he had two anniversary presents for me to chose from; but I had to chose one or the other. One option was something very special that he had made himself, and it was something that was kind of a risky gift. The second gift was something bought, that he knew I would like for sure. I had of course gone with the present that he described as the more risky gift, and that he had put a lot of time into putting together. While overlooking the firework show Adi had given me my anniversary present. It was a scrap-book of the two of us that he had put together. It started out with the first picture the two of us had taken and followed with many more pictures through out the three years that we had spent together. When I got to the end the last page said: Will you marry me? ...and continue our love story. Adi had then proposed to me and there was a second part to this gift that was not hand made, a surprise he hadn't told me about. A ring :) The answer was of course YES.

Photography: Amanda K. Photo Art // Blue dress: J. Crew // Black dress: Nordstrom

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