19 December 2013

Portland, Oregon Engagement Session by Jamie Rae Photography

Autumn in Oregon is magical.. The sun in Oregon seems to be a rare guest, but the nature in Oregon is welcoming, rainy days are filled with rejuvenating power and we count many shades of green..But no matter where you are, let your love show!

This sweet engagement shoot by Jamie Rae Photography is delicate and romantic. Walking down the gravel road with her husband to-be, the lovely bride wore a beautiful flower crown reminding us of a nymph playing in the forest. Escaping the busy city life, the newly engaged couple picked a quiet spot for their special moment to be captured way from vanity and hecticness. The couple included their puppy into the fun process of creating fun memories, and we can bet the lovely trio had so much fun! 

Their love storyThe course of true love never did run so smooth. I’ve always considered myself a hopeless romantic… clichĂ©, I know but a lover of love I have always been. Which is why I inevitably fell in love with the sweet words of William Shakespeare’s love stories while grappling through my awkward teenage years, the same time I met, unbeknownst to me, my fiancĂ©, Collin. In savoring every last word in Much Ado About Nothing or Midsummer Night’s Dream, I dreamed of “happily ever after” and what my wedding would one day be. High school led to college and college led to graduate school and graduate school led to a career, which left me trying to make sense of adulthood and get to that “happily ever after” which presented itself one late autumn night over racks of shirts, ties, and suits. It’s like Shakespeare once said, “When I saw you I loved you and you smiled because you knew.” But staring at this impeccably groomed, handsome, tall, blue-eyed man, I actually felt Shakespeare’s words within for the first time and realized it was the same Collin I once knew. Although Collin and I shared the halls of high school it wasn’t until that moment, one late night in Nordstrom that our love story sparked.
And while I would like to say it was as easy as that… it wasn’t. But I knew what I felt and I knew we were meant to be. Some may call it fate or destiny… but after that moment I knew and while my other friends would joke about crushes like Tatum Channing or Ryan Gosling, I would joke Collin Wright. It was weeks later that on the night of New Year’s Eve, sitting there with no one to kiss as the clock struck midnight, that I finally found the courage to have a friend message Collin for me. Disappointingly but not surprisingly, there was no response for quite some time until he finally messaged my friend back saying he was interested in getting together with a small group of friends. And the rest is history… through a series of events or fate or destiny or just true love, each of our friends dropped from the small get together and Collin and I were left alone. And yes, did our love ever run so smooth. Our friends would joke that it was as if no one else existed when they were with us. We were inseparable; pained by the time we had to spend apart.

Photographer: Jamie Rae Photography // Floral headpiece: Swoon Floral Design // Hair & Make-up: Blow Out Beauty Bar

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