10 December 2013

Southern California Engagement Session by Sarina Love Photography

It's just you, me and... our dog! This charming couple enjoyed themselves and their adorable dog wearing a bow tie at the Southern California engagement shoot by Sarina Love Photography. Attentive to details, Sarina Love Photography captured the love and joy of the couple who is playful, romantic and.. happy! Happy to spend every minute together and enjoy everything life has in store for them!

The beautiful tones of the shoot definitely give a special touch to the photographs and like they say there's nothing as pretty as the sun gracing California with its rays.

We love seeing happy smiling faces of people, we're thankful for being able to share those faces with you and show you why love itself has so many faces, many stages, and we truly believe many empty spaces we have in our hearts will be filled with love as we let it in. So celebrate love, cherish it and let it blossom!

Photography: Sarina Love 

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