19 December 2013

Travel Thursdays: Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Melissa Ergo Photography

The nature, gentle and mesmerizing, needs beauty sleep too.. When summer comes to an end, Mother Nature gets ready for quiet days, birds getting ready to fly to warmer places.. Everything around us changes, trees change their appearance and grace the ground with yellows, red and light brown leaves.. Sometimes it seems the nature cares for itself so much, it gently covers its surroundings with leaves like we cover ourselves with warm and cozy blankets. These beautiful images we are so thrilled to present are Melissa Ergo's vision of autumn. Tree branches gathered together look like some magical ornament scrupulously created to make the forest in September look beautiful.

We see special beauty in dried flowers falling asleep in fall to wake up in spring and they remind us of romantic books lovers share with each other hiding dried petals of roses as a reminder of their eternal flame.. So truly delicate, the nature generously shares its treasures in autumn. Join us to discover them together with Melissa Ergo Photography!

About: Every year I spend time in Jackson Hole and the Star Valley at the family cabin. Being an avid hiker, the Northern Rockies have become my favorite place to spend time in summer and fall. The Tetons are a spectacular sanctuary to me and are what most people come to Wyoming see. But perhaps what I love most about the area is the overwhelming wildness of verdure and life and the striking seasonal changes.  In the Star Valley, you can wander through myriad groves of aspen trees, tromp through icy springs in the deep, fragrant canyons and lie in the tall grass by the winding Salt River while hardly seeing a soul. In the fall, the vivid yellow and orange aspens and cottonwoods are striking beneath fog and mountains dusted with snow. The smell of sage and alpine soil permeate the air on a cold morning walk while the fall colors are in all their glory. October in Wyoming will always be a treasure to me.

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Photographer: Melissa Ergo Photography

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