17 December 2013

Winter Engagement Session by Infused Studios

We'd love to give a standing ovation to this beautiful couple who thought out of the box when planning their winter engagement shoot with Infused Studios. What you're about to see here on Le Magnifique is an ode to the nature and the beauty of winter. 

The beauty of the most magical background we've ever seen, formed by the freezing of falling water embellished with sparkly snowflakes, luminous and mesmerizing, the couple looked just fantastic. Standing in the center of the ice castle, surrounded by the masterfully carved doors that winter decorated for our favorite holiday season, these two just made us believe in fairy tales we enjoyed listening to in our childhood.. This entire shoot inspired by the cold of ice and the heat of two loving hearts is truly one of our favorites and we are excited to share it with you and wish you magical  and festive days that are just around the corner!

How he proposed: I knew after about 6 months that I was going to marry Cara, and likely not too far into the future. We had started talking about getting married and even went ring shopping together so I could see what style of ring she'd like. One day she told me she wanted to get engaged while on vacation, and particularly in New York because she saw an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" where this guy proposed to his girlfriend on a horse carriage ride through New York. We had actually been talking about taking a trip to New York sometime in the future and little did she know that it had actually crossed my mind that that would be the perfect place to propose. When I heard her say this though, I told her "well now I can't propose to you in New York because you'd be expecting it! Plus that horse carriage ride thing is so cliché!"
But when I started thinking about it I thought "well why not New York? If that's her dream proposal then I should try real hard to give it to her in a way that would make us both happy." I didn't want to do the cliché horse carriage ride, but I thought that Central Park would be the perfect location. I envisioned somehow setting up a little display somewhere in the Park that we would "accidentally" walk up to. "Luckily" we had gotten into an argument the night before. The next day I got up early and told her I was going out to buy things for a picnic in Central Park. She had mentioned a couple of days earlier that she wanted to have a picnic there. She immediately offered to come with me, but I told her I felt bad about the night before and was going to do this myself as a way of making it up to her. I went out and bought some food and sandwiches, then cabbed to Central Park to set things up. I chose a spot on Cherry Hill, next to the "Friends fountain" and overlooking the lake and boathouse. I set everything up with a sign next to the iPod saying "Play Me" and one next to the box saying "Open Me". I called her and told her where I was (she was expecting me to go back after buying the food, not go ahead without her to Central Park,) and how to get there. She showed up about an hour later, and when I saw her I got up and told her I needed to go to the bathroom (there were no bathrooms anywhere, I just wanted her to go through my display on her own). I took a walk around the fountain and went back to her, and I heard the music playing and saw her going through the last pages of the album. When I got to her I knelt down on one knee and looked into her eyes. She was already crying; she said she got emotional because of the nice gesture I had made and she thought I was making things up to her for the night before. Then I pulled the ring box out of my pocket and told her "Baby there's one more box left to open". I opened the box and she saw the ring and she started bawling uncontrollably! I told her "You are the love of my life, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" but then I got scared when all she did was keep crying. It actually crossed my mind that she might say no! But turns out she was just so overcome with emotion that all she could do was cry. Eventually she said "Yes!" and we just hugged and held each other for about 10 minutes. It was without a doubt the highest point of my life...

Photography: Infused Studios // Venue: Jasper Ice Caves // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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