12 January 2014

Cultural Wedding Inspirational Shoot Winners

We've hosted two inspirational/styled shoot challenges since we've launched LMB and every time we host these challenges, we have so much fun! It's so wonderful to see photographers and their teams get all creative and put together some of the best shoots you ever did see!

This time around, we hosted a Cultural Wedding Inspirational Shoot Challenge. The teams with the winning proposals had to create a styled wedding shoot based on a culture of their choice. All 4 teams did such a fabulous and it was seriously the hardest thing choosing the winners.

Winners were selected based on the overall completion and execution of the shoot (from the details used in the shoot to the composition of the photos). In addition to that, we also took into consideration the number of comments, shares, post likes, tweets, and pins. Fortunately, all teams will be winners (teams will all get ad space on LMB for a certain amount of time) but only the 1st place photographer will win a 1-year Two Bright Lights membership.

With that said, the LMB team and myself have come to a final decision. Here is the order of the winning teams:





A HUGE thank you to all the vendors who participated in this challenge. You all did such a fabulous job! Thank you for the hard work you put into this challenge!

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