06 January 2014

English Middle Ages Wedding Inspiration by Katie DeLorme

If we say we fell in love with this shoot it will be all nothing but the truth! And could we not adore these fine art photographs masterfully captured by Katie DeLorme? The lovely bride wearing an ethereal wedding gown embracing her beau as they walk with their charming goats whose necks are adored with flowers wreaths (well, isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen?!), absolutely magnificent table setting featuring trays of tartines, mouth watering sweets, cheese and freshly baked bread. We must admit we got hungry just by looking at that! 

Everything about this shoot is beyond perfect: thistle embellishing the wedding cake, greenery used as a table runner, melting candles, almonds, figs and smoked sausages.. What a true feast we have in these beautiful photographs!  So let us welcome you to the Middle Ages feast with savory beef stew, crunchy bread and some good wine which we will serve you to celebrate the beauty of fine art, love and romance! We would like to thank each and every vendor for creating a true masterpiece that made me want to travel in time where music was sweet and calming, where women wore stunning long dresses and men were brave at heart!

About the shoot: When one thinks of the English Middle Ages, thoughts of riches and royals – lavish gowns, feasts, and entertaining often come to mind. However, there is a much humbler side to that era which encapsulates the love for mother Earth, practicality, modesty, and even rebellion against traditional thought. There are times when weddings grow from a simple idea into opulent events losing touch with the foundation from which it blossomed. As such, this shoot was to go against the grain a bit, demonstrating the beauty in simplicity and elegance of what you can make with your own hands. In the Middle Ages, English Peasants grew tired of the heavy taxation, unpopular government, and the reluctance to pay higher wages. So it was with that, some peasants moved away from the kingdom to live in the forests. It was common for them to take their livestock, any silver or gold, and whatever else they could carry. They ate traditional peasant dishes such as trifles, grete pyes (meat pies/stews), vegetable tarts, and cheeses. They wore only the clothes they could sew and made any item they needed. There is an underlying similarity of the Middle Ages and the lives we live today. There is often the desire to simplify and center yourself and yet ‘life’ – society standards, the need to persevere, and the competitive race to success and leadership stunt that journey.

Amanda and I created this shoot from the idea everything that went into it should be handmade. We sourced vendors whose work we knew would emulate the emotion and pride we sought. I had decided long ago I wanted Jann Marie to create a beautiful dress for some event down the road. This was the perfect opportunity as her craftsmanship is completely unique, organic, and all is sewn with her 2 hands. After deciding on the dress, I immediately contacted Amanda to coordinate and help bring my vision to life. Her attention to detail and organization is utterly amazing. Amanda and I had never met but with a common goal and shared thoughts we quickly formed a friendship throughout the planning process. As the shoot day approached we decided to hunker down to tie up all the loose ends. She invited me to stay with her and it was with that invitation and 100 miles later, I was walking up the front steps of her house.  We embraced in the biggest hug despite having never met! It is truly amazing how close you can become with vendors when you are working together on something like this and I believe that aspect of the shoot is what I will cherish most. So anyway, back to the shoot, Amanda had sourced all the blooms we would use and created each bouquet/arrangement with such a fabulous sense of dimension and vision. I was there to hand her anything she needed and just watched the creative process flow. She then cooked each element of food from scratch, and styled everything to complete perfection. I am still in awe of how she was able to pull all this off in 2 days. We stayed up late together both Friday night and Saturday night finalizing the details and filling our noses with the smells of stunning garden roses and simmering stew for the grete pyes. May sound like an odd combination but we certainly didn’t mind. Sunday morning we left for the Pump House venue with all the supplies and husbands (laborers) in tow.  The Pump House was selected based on the philosophy - while peasant love may not have been perceived as glamorous enough to be shared inside the castle walls; the love shared is just as grand. It was also to demonstrate the rebellion of provincials and how nothing could hinder their desire to marry or convictions in life, even at the cost of being caught on royal grounds. Not to mention the Pump House has a gothic facade and a water feature resembling a moat. J The day was a flurry of vendors, friends both old and new, setting things up and laughter all around. Ali and Chad walked up during the set up and stole my heart. She was beautiful with her gorgeously curled hair and understated and elegant   make-up. She slipped into her dress and Chad donned his suit. After making the appropriate adjustments and fastening the boutonniere, we walked toward the Pump House. With each second that passed, we stepped further into the dream of a woodsy wedding set back in the Middle Ages. Ali’s gown fluttered in the wind so gracefully, the flowers in her hair were perfectly natural and Chad’s presence was protective and kind. Ali and Chad’s love for one another is beyond anything I can describe. Photographing the beauty between them was a pure pleasure. They walked through the woods laughing, admiring the darling goats, and basking in the chance to simply be. I took the approach of taking a step back to appreciate them as a couple. Their organic love unfolded before me as we walked the grounds of the Pump House and surrounding forest. Soon it was 3 hours later and the sun had set beyond the James River. So as we walked back to wrap things up, Chad took one last chance to twirl his lovely bride. It was then when the whole shoot came together in perfect harmony – organic, romance, whimsy, and timeless.  Doing this shoot was one of the best experiences of my career; I just loved being able to work creatively with some incredible professionals who collectively allowed the feel of the shoot to take charge and shape the outcome!

Photographer: Katie DeLorme // Event Coordinator: Into It Events // Florals: Into It Blooms // Dress: Jann Marie Studio // Invitations: Kindred // Hair and Make Up: Faces by Joy // Animals: Blue Ridge Canine Services // Venue: Pump House in Richmond, VA // Model: Alisandra and Chad Williamson // Boots: Miz Mooz 
This shoot is exclusive to LMB. 

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