14 January 2014

New York City Engagement Session

Every love story is exceptional, and so it the way we fall in love. When these two met, love started blossoming like cherry trees in spring.. Beautiful and memorable. 

This sweet engagement shoot by Ashley Therese Photography depicts the relationship Meghan and Jack have. It's very romantic and unpredictably sweet at times, sweet to the point where the two can't take their hands off each other!  Being so in love, these two clearly enjoyed sharing kisses at the shoot in the heart of New York city! Now isn't that engagement ring the prettiest thing you've ever seen?!

From the photographer: They first met studying for their class, the Economics of Poverty. Now Jack may not have shown up early before every class to study, but with Meghan there, he was sure to never miss it. 

Their relationship blossomed and they quickly knew they wanted to spend their forevers with one another. Jack went back onto the campus and had the school open up the very study room where they first met. He placed the beautiful engagement ring he bought for her on one of the desks and surrounded it with pink flowers flowers and his bible opened to the book of Ephesians with his favorite verse marked. Meghan and Jack spent that day walking down memory lane through the campus, reminiscing on that very day where they introduced themselves to one another and reflected on all the places that had special memories to them. Jack then asked her if she wanted to watch the first movie they had watched together, Toy Story 3, and so they headed to the study room where they met to watch it. Meghan thougth it was so sweet he had coordinated for them to be able to watch the movie but then when she opened the door she was beyond excited and surprised! Jack got on one knee and asked Meghan to spend the rest of her life with him. And without hesitation Meghan said yes! Afterward the two went to dinner with both of their parents to celebrate the amazing news! It was an amazing day! 

Their Central Park engagement session was so much fun! I mean, could these two be any happier or in love?! Can't wait for their spring wedding next year in Nebraska!

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