14 January 2014

Outdoors Engagement Session

Sometimes life works in mysterious ways when we meet someone special.. This beautiful couple shares their unexpected love story which had a happy end as you may guess,  and welcomes us to stop by at their cozy place to see how newly engaged people celebrate their big step. Isn't it just charming when two people spend time decorating their Christmas tree just to celebrate the end of that sweet chore with hot chocolate and giggles?! Cuddling on a couch and reminiscing about the past they shared, and talking about some adventures they will enjoy together.

The talented Valentina of Valentina Glidden Photography beautifully captured the love of two inseparable people whose faces radiate happiness and peace! 

Their love story: We met two years ago (November 2011) online. Shout out to Match, with the help of God of course. If it were not for the Lord, we would definitely not be together.
John messaged me on Match asking for my phone number and I told him that I don’t like to talk on the phone, but we could chat online if he wanted (that was my way of not having to get to know him). We did chat online and finally I gave him my number, but was clear that it was for texting only. He would text me each night after he got off work to ask how my day was and we would text here and there. John asked me out around the 1st of November for bowling or miniature golf and I agreed, but told him I was very busy so he was going to have to wait for a week and I couldn’t go out with him right away. He sweetly agreed (I don’t know how I ended up with him after all I put him through). We picked Wednesday November 9th to go out and I told him probably 3 different times before that, that I would go out with him, but he needed to know nothing was going to happen and we were not right for each other. To which he would ask, “ok what does that mean exactly?” He would ask if that meant I didn’t want to go out with him and I would tell him, “we can go out, just don’t expect anything.” He responded by telling me that he is a good guy (and he was very right). You see, I had been on dating sites for over a year and to be honest, I was over first dates. I am not a fan of dating to begin with (outside of a relationship that is) and at that point, I won’t lie, I had a bad attitude and didn’t care to try. I wasn’t angry at men or life, I just was not really focused on giving much effort to the whole dating scene. I wasn’t trying to play games with him, I just really didn’t think anything was going to happen with us. Now this is where I know the Lord was at hand, because knowing what I know now, I can see why things happened the way they did. John likes to win… I mean… he really, really likes to win. I have never met somebody so competitive and good at everything. He wins pretty much everything he puts his mind to. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. From where I was at in my life, I needed a man who was going to put all his effort in to trying. At the time, I didn’t really fully realize that, but I was burnt out and I needed to see someone who was in the same place in their life as I was and ready for more than just a first date. So I laugh looking back, because I see what the Lord was doing… here I was making John really pursue me and having to “win” and here he was showing me, he really was interested, even if I was going to be a brat. The Lord knew what was best in putting us together and how to make it happen. Back to the beginning of November when I told him I was too busy to go out with him. Through his text messages he started to grow on me. He was such a good balance of pursuing me, without being desperate. He never came across as some desperate guy (which he wasn’t), just very genuine and nice (which he is). Friday November 4th came along and after texting him through-ought the day, I decided I really did want to meet this guy. So I told him that if he wanted to go out that evening for something small like hot cocoa, we could go out… and we did (we never did have hot cocoa, we ate pizza at BJs instead). He came to pick me up that night and it was raining, and it rained the entire first week of our relationship. That night at BJs, we talked, but I was pretty short in my responses and conversation. I didn’t plan on going out with him again to be honest. We got to the end of the date and as we were walking to the car he said, “so what are we doing on Wednesday (the day we were originally planning on meeting)?” He is good hahaha. He tells me now, that in sales, you have to assume the sale. So for dating, he assumed the date I was like, “uhhh I don’t know.” at this point thinking that there was not going to be another date… BUT… we got in the car to drive home, got to my house, and talked in his car for 4 hours. That is when I learned he is nicer than I thought to begin with, which is very nice because I already thought he was a nice guy. I realized this guy is the real deal and is a good guy, I was so impressed by him. My heart got softer for him in that moment... We ended up being inseparable from that week on and have been together ever since.

How he proposed: Our proposal was perfect! We always take walks in the park behind John's house and for the proposal he took me in the park for one of our walks (some of our engagement session took place in the park) he brought up all kinds of memories, asking me if I remember this and that from the past two years and it was a journey through our relationship as we walked. We got to the place we had one of our first dates (which was a picnic in the park) and he took me to our table and we sat down and talked a bit more. He then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. It fit us and our relationship so well. I never told him I wanted him to propose in the park, but I could have never dreamed or imagined a better place for him to do it and he said he never had any intention of proposing anywhere but there :)

Photo credit: Valentina Glidden Photography // Ornament: Thread Therapy 

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