06 January 2014

Russian Countryside Wedding Inspiration by Eyelet Images

Oh big and generous Russian heart! How truly wonderful you are! You're filled with kindness and joy, you open up so easily, and you're so welcoming.. This style shoot photographed by Eyelet Images was a part of the style shoot challenged hosted by Damaris, the creative soul behind Le Magnifique, is definitely one of our favorite shoots to write about!

In the past, traditional Russian weddings meant a lot of red dominating in decoration (wooden boxes decorated with artistic calligraphy, golden leaves and berries), bright red accessories (headdresses, necklaces, brooches), a significant amount of baked treats generously stuffed with raisins, nuts and berries, musical instruments and embroidered tablecloths.  This beautiful shoot would certainly become a good introduction to the wedding traditions of Russia with its charming nesting dolls, blue and white ornaments, red velvet ribbons, colorful shawls brides love wearing in summer, and generously served tables with sweets you cannot resist trying!

About the shoot: I am elated to be sharing our Russian Countryside Wedding with you all! Our inspiration began with my Russian ancestors, who settled in a small village near Saratov and established a family farm.  I imagine that their weddings were quaint gatherings where everyone lent a hand by bringing their finest treasures to the table.  They led simple lives, yet placed much value on tradition and heritage.  

For many years, my grandfather continually gifted our family with gorgeous hand-painted and carved figurines from Russia.  From my collection of matryoshka dolls, jewelry boxes, and wooden cathedrals, we were inspired to bring vibrant colors, elaborate patterns, and interesting textures into our wedding scene.  The marriage of natural and traditional elements stole my heart... our stylists did such an incredible job!  
There are many Russian wedding rituals that have been passed down for hundreds of years, and we wanted to portray the sanctity and joy of this intimate family gathering by recreating some of these traditions.  Among them were the crowning of our bride with her adorned kokoschnik {headdress}, and a lively Russian folk dance led by one of our svideteli {groomsman} and his antique accordion!  We had the best time bringing these moments to life!  I am so grateful to have had the chance to take on this cultural challenge with such a gifted group of people. Bol'shoye spasibo!!

Photography: Eyelet Images // Design: A Dapper Affair // Furniture: Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals // Florals: White Sakuras // Desserts: Samantha Petry // Stationery: Tall Blonde Design by Teresa Benedetti // Headpiece: Buttons 'n Blossoms // Makeup: Faces by Melissa 
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