23 January 2014

Travel Thursdays: Capri

Beautiful and romantic Capri is a paradise for those who love long walks and sipping cocktails when gazing at Capri's famous rock formations. Charming bistros, lighthouses, and numerous boats swaying in the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, Capri will greet you with its generous gifts, savory cuisine and smiles on people's faces. And if you don't speak Italian, rest assured you will feel very much at home in the land of tranquility and bliss.

About the trip: While on our Mediterranean cruise, we had a pit stop in Naples for about 8 hours. We had always wanted to visit Capri, hearing it was absolutely breathtaking and when we arrived to Naples we took a ferry to Capri. Once there we asked the locals if we had only about 5 hours to spend in Capri, what is the thing to do? They told us that we needed to take a boat ride around the island as the Capri coastline and rock formations are what Capri is best known for. It did not disappoint. It was really a beautiful site to see.

Photographer: Diana Marie 

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