16 January 2014

Travel Thursdays: Maui from Twenty Twenty Studios

Oh beautiful Maui... Your mysterious paths, exotic flowers and the welcoming land. The land full of aromas, chirping birds and smiling faces..

Let us welcome you to Maui where black sand beaches are beautiful, the breeze is bold, and majestic mountains are festively dressed in green. This travel Thursday will take us to the place where magic is very much possible, and we will see it when looking at the colorful photographs by Twenty Twenty Studios.

Away from vanity of big cities, you will find your piece of paradise in this welcoming land, and enjoy sipping coconut water when daydreaming and enjoying the sun. Evenings in Maui will be worth remembering, especially if you're there with your beloved one canoeing or looking at picturesque waterfalls..

About the trip: I went to Maui for work. I know, perks of the job. The nature of the job (a documentary film) meant I got to see all of the island, twice. Yes, the circumference of Maui more than once (including the crazy dirt road part that they tell you not to drive on). So, while I don't have tips for the best beaches to lay out on or great local restaurants, I can say that if you go, make sure to get in a car and drive. Away from the strip malls and resorts. Go to the mountains. Visit Hana and drive along the beautiful north coast. Oh, and drive slow. You get to take more in that way. Stop off and hunt for the waterfalls. And whatever you do, find the bamboo forest and go in. Hands down my favorite part of the island (the entrance is literally a hole in a the bamboo well right along the road on your way to Hana from Kahuliu). Maui is absolutely worth visiting. 

One of the unexpected culinary treasures I found was a fantastic Mediterranean restaurant that had baklava ice cream cake--to die for. I definitely had it twice during the trip. Pita Paradise.

Photo credit: Twenty Twenty Studios

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