10 January 2014

Winter Mountain Engagement Session

What't sweeter than love and marshmallows? Maybe love, kisses, marshmallows with your significant one?! Of course, it is especially when that sweet love involves a special love story behind how these two lovely people met.. It was an old-fashioned way, but it still makes the bride to-be smiled each time she tells it (make sure to get to know Chase and Jessie by reading a little description of how they met).

This wonderful engagement session tells the story of the two loving hearts growing together in the name of love they found, and there surrounded by majestic snow covered mountains, all bundled up and cozy, these two had fun sipping hot chocolate with delicious treats to make their love the sweetest thing ever!

Couple's Love Story: Meeting Chase, was a complete accident. It was the good ole fashion way on Facebook. I befriended him thinking he was someone else I knew, but lucky me, he wasn't. He didn't know me, and I didn't know him so I tried to brush it off and apologize once he confronted me via message. But there was a little spark, and we ended up building some kind of relationship through a full month of detailed messages about each other and our lives. The excitement was so real. I felt like I knew him all my life even though I had never even laid eyes on him before! After some time, we finally decided to meet. I was going to school in Idaho at the time. Chase traveled up there from Utah for work every so often so the timing was perfect. When we met in person for our first time it wasn't awkward like I thought it would be, probably because we had gotten to know each other so well beforehand. Our date was hands down the best date I had ever been on, and at the end of it, he surprised me with a kiss. After that first date, distance was the only thing that kept us apart. Every week we would trade off and travel to one another, and it was always so worth it. Our relationship grew into love. As time went on, the excitement of what our future held kept creeping up on me, but I didn't know how to bring it up to Chase. We would joke about marriage but that was about it! Chase was preparing to leave to California for 4 months during the summer for a sales job, but before he left, I was determined to know if our relationship had potential to become more permanent! Chase never brought up marriage, and always steered away from the subject. It was a time of complete stress for me, but he felt the same way I felt for him, I felt like it would work out eventually. Before his job of summer sales started, we went to Disneyland for some fun. While we were there, Chase asked me if I wanted to get a self-character drawing done of us...I told him it would be fun but we didn't have to because of how expensive it was. However, he insisted! So we went ahead with it! Little did I know, during the long 30 minutes of sitting and waiting, Gil, artist (yes I still remember his name,) was drawing my future. When he finished I went to look at the drawing of us and to my surprise it was my best friend proposing to me. I turned around to see Chase and he was kneeling with a ring box in his hand, opening it towards me. It was the biggest and happiest surprise of my life and I will never forget that moment.

About the shoot: Jessie and Chase truly embraced their mountain winter engagement session and let their playful love really show with winter sledding and a toasty campfire made for roasting smore's! Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon added to the charming winters feel with its charming dark waters and majestic snow-covered mountains all around. Simple and easy activities, themed for the season, helped make Jessie and Chase's engagement session, take on a photographic lifestyle feel and provided good supply of candid and natural images! It is simple to see the natural love of a couple in such simple and unposed moments. 

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