24 February 2014

Avery Island Jungle Gardens Engagement Session

How he proposed: "Well I have to admit I was a little antsy to get engaged, simply because I am a woman and wanted the reassurance! So we started looking at rings and I found the one that I wanted. I was pretty sure that he bought it but he knew that so he waited a while. So one random Sunday I get home from a 12 hour shift....exhausted! I had gone pick up McCalisters upon Kyle's request (little did I know) he was hoping that I would get soup because I always do at this restaurant, but this one time I didn't. So Kyle got soup instead and he asked me to get him a spoon, when I got the spoon out of the drawer it looked like something was on it so I was wiping it then I realized it said "Will you marry me?", when I looked down he was on one knee with the ring!! I was so shocked and obviously I said YES!!"

About their engagement session: "This is so funny! So my maid of honor came with us just to be another honest opinion. Kyle and I had never met Sarah (our photographer) so this was out first meeting. We meet her, and immediately start driving to the different sites. We arrive at the first site and Sarah tells us to look into each other eyes, which is kind of weird to do on command, not to mention Kyle is a nervous person! So we are looking into each other's eyes and he was creeping me out so we laughed about it and it really lightened the mood! As we continued we changed outfits in the car and it made for quite an interesting session! I have to admit we weren't sure how some of the pictures would come out but I trusted Sarah because I love all of the pictures that she takes!! She was very cool, relaxed, fun and open to anything we wanted to do!! We love the way our engagement pictures came out and we can't wait to see her work for bridals and the wedding!!"

Photographer: Sarah Beth Photography // Venue: Avery Island Jungle Gardens in Louisiana

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