04 February 2014

Hartwood Acres Mansion Engagement Session

Most of us will agree that creativity in men is a truly remarkable quality! Kevin planned a truly special engagement for the queen of his heart, and surprised her not only with an engagement ring but also with a puppy she's been dreaming of! Any heart would melt, and so did ours! 

Happy faces and big smiles at this engagement session captured by Veronica Varos Photography is another reason to say: "Love, create and surprise each other!" And every time you invest your heart into making your significant one happy, your own joy will be multiplied!


How he proposed: "He told me out of the blue that one of his clients needed him to go to this conference with him on Sunday. Didn’t think much of it, but was excited to get some stuff done around the apartment.
I remember feeling so good that morning, I was super early for my doctors appointment and knew I would see Kevin that afternoon. The doctors appointment was fairly painless, and I was heading home to Luna and Nimby to do some last minute cleaning (to surprise Kevin). Once I was within 10 minutes to our place I get a call from Kevin saying he was running a head of schedule and wondered if I would meet him at the dog park. I park at our place, pick up Luna, and walk to the dog park. When I first see Kevin he is pacing (on the phone) and I just assumed he was talking to his client. Luna starts to see him and begins whining so I let her race towards him. When I get closer I cannot help but notice a shape in his left pocket that looked like a small box. But again I told myself “No, Mandy, its probably something else”. I start talking about random everyday stuff, then he cuts me off by saying he has something really important he needs to talk to me about. At first I get really nervous, he sounded really nervous/worried so I wondered if something happened or he was mad at me. Then he goes on about how happy I make him and that he loves me and doesn’t want to be with anyone but me. Again I didn’t think anything of it, we have talks like this all the time. :) This is all the while we are walking through the dog park. We lost Luna a few times so we had to call her back. He starts to run out of things to say I noticed and we just talk about Luna. All of a sudden I see this small golden thing under a park bench. I said to Kevin “Is that a dog?!?”, and he said it must be a piece of cardboard. I thought he was nuts because it definitely was moving and looked exactly like a puppy. I was freaking out and started walking faster because I couldn’t believe someone would leave a dog in the middle of a park tied to a bench!!! THE NERVE! We finally get close to the puppy and I realize it is the exact puppy I have always wanted (golden doodle) and I was thinking there is no way someone would leave a dog like that in the middle of the park! Then Kevin tells me to check the tag. I see it says Foxey which is the name we discussed for this puppy. Then I start to realize it had to be him! Next Kevin says to look at the back of the tag and his voice is choking up. I flip the tag over (hands shaking), and it says “Mandy, will you marry me”. I turn around and he is on one knee crying and then he repeated the words. I am overwhelmed with emotion and I run to him and get on my knees and hug him while saying yes, over and over. :} Turns out instead of his business trip he had to pick up a puppy! :) I was shocked and excited and naturally wanted to tell everyone about it! But he told me not to because he thought we should go to see our parents first to tell them in person. I was annoyed only slightly! ;) Before we went to our parents we had dinner plans at a place that was a surprise! I guessed it of course. But I was excited to have dinner out with my new fiance! So we get all dolled up, and drive to our favorite sushi place in Pittsburgh. He said he made a reservation which I thought was weird because it’s usually not busy on a Monday night! But I went along with it thinking maybe he got us a special table or something. We park and I notice that there are a lot more cars than I expected there. I guess it was good he made a reservation! We walk in and there aren’t many people at the tables. So I thought there was a banquet or birthday party of some sort in the back. Then the waiter brings us to the back and everyone yells “SURPRISE!” Kevin planned a party too!! Surrounded by lots of our good friends and family I was so surprised! I was so excited to be able to tell them first that we got engaged. :) Turns out Kevin told them it was my “half birthday” celebration, but as we talked with them they all thought it was something else! Why? Because it wasn’t my half birthday! ;) haha."

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