18 February 2014

Outdoors Love Shoot

From the photographer: "This shoot was way to much fun and so sweet! I adore these two. Their love shines through every images and I couldn't be happier that they wanted me to document it :) I have attached the images above as well as got the love story from the couple! From Alisha: "Okay so our story isn't really love at first sight. My friends and I were sick of hanging with the same people doing nothing on the weekends so we decided to go out of our comfort zones. So my friend texted Russel to see if we could all hang out. We met up at his friends house and it was pretty awkward but if Russel tells this part when he first sees me his thought was "there she is" he'd seen me around at school and thought I was cute and loved my big eyes. So as the night went on Russel talked a lot with me and my friends. He was super flirtatious and after a couple hours I wanted him to only talk and flirt with me. The night ended well and a week later my friends and I were bored so this time I contacted him. We hung out and this time it was better. We learned more about each other and we held hands while he taught me a trick on his skateboard. We texted almost everyday since then and then he called and asked if I wanted to see a skateboarding competition in the theater with him. I said yes and when he came to pick me up he didn't open the door and he parked so close to a bush it was embarrassing and hard for me to get in. So the night started off weird the watching part wasn't all the bad we held hands and I loved that he had the guts to just reach out and grab my hand and hold it. As we were leaving he sees his friend and says "hey once I drop her off let's go skate." Pissed off I was ready to go home and never talk to that punk again. So when he dropped me off he just put it in park I think debated opening my door but just said "bye" and his new friend in the backseat said "see ya!" Thinking "see ya never" as I got out of the van everyone called a pervert van. I don't really remember what happened now I guess we just hung out together because we were friends with each others friends so we had to see each other. So we hung out in groups and then one time he asked me to make cookies with him and we did and he was the sweetest thing with me and his family. hinting out what I like in boys and what I don't he got better at opening my door and walking me to my front door ha. At my sisters wedding we made it official and we have been inseparable since then."

Photographer: Amber Lynn Photography
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