17 February 2014

Santa Barbara Harbor Engagement Session

About their engagement session: "What a fun day it was. We were very excited to finally have some pictures taken. Kelsey had prepared outfits and props for weeks. We started off the afternoon at the Santa Barbara Harbor in a little row boat. A one man row boat that was. It was pretty funny trying to figure out how both of us were going to get in without falling into the water. Lots of laughs and fun - Lanie was capturing it all. Next, we took a little walk down the bike path, Lanie stopped us and told us the lighting was perfect so we should take some pictures. So we did! (Those are some of our favorite pictures) Next, we headed down to the beach and had fun in the sand with the pier in the backround. Next, we headed over to Lanie's school, Westmont College to take some mountain like pictures. It was getting a little dark so we posed quick. We got some great pictures with some fun props. Overall, we walked away from the shoot talking about how much fun it was. We love Lanie and cannot wait for her to do our wedding." -the couple

How he proposed: Kelsey was planning a nice little day of wine tasting with 6 girl friends, her father and some family friends. Since it was a Tuesday she didn't invite Jason knowing he had to work.
That morning Kelsey pushed him out of bed at 6:15 to head to work. Most mornings when he leaves before she does, he comes home, brings Starbucks and helps her load everything up. Since it was her birthday she thought for sure he would do that. Nope he left for work and he simply called her to wake her up. She was a little frustrated since she was running late and had no caffeine. Finally she get on a road hoping they would will be able to talk for most of the 2 hours. Not this time because he had some random meeting. He calls Kelsey just about the time the girls arrived at the meeting spot to wish them a fun day. She told him she would call him if she had a chance, but it was a girls day so not to expect too much. After arriving at Chamisal Vineyards he walks out. Kelsey was excited to see him but she was still thinking “why are you here, it’s a girls day?” Seconds later he asked me to be his wife! SHE SAID YES. The rest of the day was spent celebrating her 21st and their engagement What a day it was.

Photographer: Lanie Louise Photography // Location: Santa Barbara Harbor

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