11 February 2014

Winter Love Shoot

Love is beautiful in every season but we personally covet love in winter. All dressed in white, love reveals itself differently. Majestic, it generously covers us in snowflakes which we collect kissing those sweet cheeks of someone we cherish so dearly, and we keep each other warm as we cuddle together.

This winter love inspired session by Sabrina Nohling presents this sweet couple that shares their love story with us through laughter, hugs and smiles. He, who takes her to the land of snow covered trees, will love to hold her tight as she smiles at him because to her he's the best man of God! 

Love is all!

From the couple: Jimmy and I first met in high school when we lived in Florida.We became really good friends and I had the biggest crush on him but he was always taken or the timing never worked out. So we went on being friends and were in and out of each others lives. When I was a senior and he was in college, he suddenly came back in the picture. I was shocked to see him again and everything changed. The feelings were there and on both ends. I was against dating guys and wary of their intentions though. Yet Jimmy was so admit and made it very clear that he was pursuing me and wanted me to be his wife. I was scared but then realized I couldn't live without him. He is the most incredible man of God and I loved everything about him. Pretty soon after that we got married. We didn't care how old we were, he was 20 and I was 19. We just knew we couldn't spend our lives with anyone else. looking back we were so young yet through it all our loved blossomed and stood strong.It may be cheesy but every girl deserves to be loved the way Jimmy loves me. He leads me in life and challenges me in my walk with God. He really is the most amazing guy and I am so blessed to call him my husband. Since we got married we moved to South Carolina for a time and then recently we made the move to the suburbs of Chicago earlier this year. Chicago's white Christmas is so different from Florida's. So we wanted to do a fun photoshoot to celebrate our anniversary and our first Christmas in the snow. A Christmas tree farm was the perfect location for our snowy photos and it felt like it was out of a movie scene. The perfect snowfall to celebrate the years together and the love we share.
Photographer: Sabrina Nohling

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