24 March 2014

Beach Engagement Session by Sun and Sparrow Photography

Their story: "Our story begins way back in freshman year of high school in 1997. I asked Pam to go with me to homecoming, and that night turned into 4 years through high school, then 4 more years through college, then a few more years long distance until she moved to Los Angeles. At some point during our long distance years, we had driven up to Santa Barbara for the first time. Our first visit was somewhat of a let down because it was rainy and gloomy when we went, but on our second visit (while the weather was much sunnier) we fell in love with the place.
We had spoken a few times about where we wanted to get married and Santa Barbara came up. We both enjoyed the town and thought the Mission church was beautiful. So, on Christmas Eve in 2012, I asked both of her parents for Pam's hand in marriage and they both said yes (actually, her mother was speechless so she didn't really say anything, but she eventually said yes after she stopped hugging me =) ). 

Afterwards, I bought a ring and planned to take her up to Santa Barbara as a late Valentine's Day celebration. Valentine's Day fell on a Thursday so we couldn't really make anything of it since we were both busy, but we drove up on Sunday morning. I secretly hired a photographer to scope us out after the morning mass that day. It was a nice day, around 70 degrees, and I was wearing a jacket the entire time because I needed a pocket big enough to hide the ring box. Pam even went as far as trying to take the jacket from me so I wouldn't wear it on such a warm day. 

After mass, we were walking around the church and I was not able to find the photographer anywhere. I stalled time for about 20 minutes, walking through the museum, even taking really long restroom break, just to try and get in touch with the photographer. Once I got the thumbs up from the photographer that she was ready for us, I walked Pam to the fountain in front of the church, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me, to which she replied "Are you serious!?!?" about 10 times before she said yes. We then celebrated at lunch over wine and cheese and I took her to Circle Bar B for a horseback ride, and headed back to Los Angeles after dinner. Looking back, we still laugh at some of the silly moments of that day, but that's what makes it ours to remember."
Photographer: Sun & Sparrow Photography // Event Venue: Cabrillo Beach Bath House // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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