03 March 2014

Color fight Engagement Session

Love colors you.. Literally! How fun is this engagement shoot? These two make each other's worlds brighter, they make one another giggle and like colorful shades of pink, blue and green wrapping them up, they are ready for fun times together which these photographs are ready to prove!

If you plan your engagement, get your inspiration from this photo shoot captured by Cassie Claire. It has everything your hearts might want: laughter, one of a kind atmosphere and you might end up with cute painted faces which is what we need while waiting for spring  to come and color the world!

Their love story: We actually starting talking on Myspace.... (you remember myspace don't you) haha. Turns out that as we were getting to know each other I realized Oleg had gone to my best friends college! Needless to say when I approached Lisa asking her if she knew of Oleg there was a moment of dead silence over the phone followed by moments of panic saying I shouldn't go out with him! Insert crazy college stories here! haha Oleg even thought that somehow he was being set up for disaster! Talk about small world! Against her advice I went to meet him and it was all uphill from there. =) Lisa and Oleg are now great friends! He's changed a lot since those crazy college days... haha

The proposal: Our proposal was truly magical... My family owns a country house in upstate new York where we spend a lot of our weekends. So we were headed up that Friday night (I of course slept the whole way) only to be woken up when approaching our drive way that was completely lined with illuminated bags. In true Donna fashion my immediate thought was someone must have broken in to the house! haha. It wasn't until I noticed that Oleg wasn't panicking that this was his doing. But I was completely confused how!? The entire inside of the house was lite with tea lights and drenched in flowers. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! =) There was just one thing I still couldn't comprehend through all of this. How did he manage to do this?! Did he go up to the house while I was at work and head back home only to go back up with me?! After I said yes he rushed outside and started screaming! Our closest friends then came rushing from down the road! Oleg had organized the whole thing with them for months now! We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating together. It was the best weekend that made one of the most special places to us have even that more meaning.

About their engagement session: We wanted our engagement session to be a fun experience for not only us, but for our photographer Cassi. I asked her if we could break up the session with half "parent" pictures and half out of the box (color fight) pictures. We figured we could hold off on dozens of "serious" photos till the wedding! We had Cassi first meet us at our favorite dessert place (Juniors) for the best cheesecake in the world! Being fueled by cheesecake and coffee we were ready to take our "parent" photos in one of the most gorgeous parks in the area, Prospect Park. Shortly after that, as daylight was running out, there was a quick wardrobe change and it was time to have some fun! We thought with Cassi's love for colors that these shots would come out amazing and they absolutely did! The whole purpose was to have fun and bring smiles to each others faces (along with a lot of strangers confused faces) and we accomplished our mission. It was such an amazing afternoon that we'll never forget!
Photographer: Cassi Claire
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