28 March 2014

Cotton Field Engagement Session

At the end of every love story, there's always that moment when our hearts skip a beat.. This lovely bride to-be Autumn will confirm that by sharing her love story with us, and how surprised she was when being proposed to! And who would not be when your beau calls you 'the love of my life'?! 

We absolutely love cotton fields because they remind of how soft and strong love can be!  Like those cotton fields so pretty, yet so resilient to the bright sun, love can endure so much and yet stays so gentle to those who treasure it!

What else can we possibly say? Cheers to those who love and those who are loved!

How he proposed: We traveled down to our favorite city, Charleston, SC, for a half marathon. I told Autumn to dress up nice and that we were going out on a fancy dinner date. After dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, we walked to Waterfront Park and sat down in front of the famous Pineapple Fountain. After a short conversation, I got down on one knee and told her that she was the love of my life and asked her if she would married me. She was totally caught off guard and kept saying "we are going to get married!"

About their engagement session: The photographer, Caroline, had come up with the idea of having the photo session in a cotton field just after the crop had bloomed. Autumn wore a beautiful white dress that made her look like a cotton princess. Caroline made us both feel extremely comfortable throughout the shoot. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious.
Photographer: Caroline Lima Photography

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