21 March 2014

Santa Barbara Engagement Session by Sun and Sparrow Photography

From the couple: "It all started when we decided randomly to book a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our first full day in Mexico, August 26 2013, was by far the best day of our trip, and my life. We woke up to a beautiful sunny sky, which was surprising given that the weather report leading up to our trip had us expecting clouds and light rain. Since the weather was so nice, we wanted to take advantage of it and decided to take a walk down the beach to find an early lunch. We went to a cute little restaurant on the beach and sat for a couple of hours in the sand eating, talking, and relaxing. After lunch, we decided to take a boat tour out to Lover's Beach. After taking pictures, the tour dropped us off at the beach where we hung out for a couple of hours exploring and relaxing.

When we were deciding where to go for dinner that night we remembered Alex's aunt and uncle had suggested a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean called The Hacienda. We decided that it seemed like the perfect ending to our amazing day, and I called to make a reservation. While making the reservation over the phone the waiter asked if we were celebrating anything in particular, we looked at each other and said no. Little did I know that while we were getting ready for dinner Alex would secretly check on the ring every time I would leave the room. Because Alex was so relaxed and had been so willing to let me plan the night I had no idea what was about to happen. 

When we got to the restaurant, we were seated at a table with the most amazing view of the ocean. We chatted for a bit and enjoyed our drinks as we watched the sun set. Right after we got our appetizers Alex mentioned he needed to use the restroom. He asked if I could pick out which drinks we should order next. He was gone for a little while, and our waiter followed when he came back. However, I was so busy reading the menu I had not noticed the waiter was standing beside me with Alex's camera taking pictures. As soon as Alex sat down, he pulled a seashell out from under the table and tried to get my attention. I, oblivious to what was going on, continued to read the menu and was confused as to why he was showing me a shell. It was not until he flipped it over did I see a beautiful diamond ring sitting perfectly in the opening of the shell. He immediately got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I could barely say yes between my tears of joy and could not believe what was actually happening. I also could not be happier that he got all of it on camera. The perfect start to our vacation and the rest of our lives..."

Photographer: Sun and Sparrow Photography // Make-up: Samantha Singer Make-up Artist

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