04 March 2014

Stage 6 Steiner Studios New York Wedding

No matter where you're from, love has no limits or boundaries. For love, there's nothing impossible... And when two hearts find each other, they won't stop fighting for being connected to one another! 

This lovely couple picks New York city as their main theme and builds every little detail around it.  Rich in colors, architecture and styles, this city inspires a lot of people and this sweet couple is not an exception. Inspired by diversity of New York city and memorable time spent there, the bride and the groom focused on making their wedding.. very different! 

And we think 'different' is a great word to describe how much the groom and the groomsmen had! Who said weddings are not for grooms to enjoy?!

From the bride: Chris and I maintained a long distance relationship for 2 and 1/2 years, before he made the big step to move to NY which both changed our lives forever. After a year of his move, Chris and I went to Bermuda for a family trip and on the plane ride from Bahamas to Orlando, Florida (our next destination), Chris proposed on the plane ride overhead (which was the sweetest thing, unfortunately I was half asleep and had to waken myself up to really try to understand what he was doing - proposing =). Since August of 2012, that summer after the proposal, Chris and I started our wedding planning...
Our wedding day was nothing short of amazing. It was a beautiful Sunday in September, a few clouds and sun. Most brides say they get stressed planning and most of all during the wedding day. But I, as the bride felt everything went perfect that day. Our entourage looked beautiful - my favorite color is purple. But instead of making everything purple, I just added a hint of purple everywhere. So the bridesmaids wore a gorgeous shade of grey, with purple ribbon, while the guys wore grey pants and a Lavender suit jacket. They even made it more interesting and dapper, by wearing their favorite Jordans (and those who didn't have Jordans, wore their favorite sneakers). The groom wore pink foams. I know, it's not the ordinary suit you'd see most Groomsmen wear, but that's what we were aiming for in our wedding...different. Funny moments? Had a couple of funny moments since our entourage were all a bunch of jokers - singing NY, NY at the pier where we were taking pictures (although we kind of messed the song up since we didn't know all the lyrics to it), The bridesmaids tucking their phones inside their their cleavage! The guys had pockets so they put their phones in there, during the ceremony they took a picture of us and a picture of themselves (the girls having to dig in between their cleavage to get their phones out, which I found absolutely hilarious). I think the funniest thing I'd have to say is that while most brides are usually late to their wedding, I was so early (and I attribute that to having everything just run so smoothly because my bridesmaids and the entire entourage were just so helpful and we all got along very well with each other, even those that only met the day before), that when we saw a frozen smoothie/ice cream truck near the park where we were taking pictures, we decided to get ice cream and a smoothie before going into our limo since we were an hour early anyway! Guess I wasn't too scared of it spilling onto my dress! Anyway we got into our limo and since we were waiting in the parking lot waiting to go in we decided to take a little nap! haha although we pretty much just laughed the whole time, we really couldn't take a nap! How we came up with our wedding theme? Well, I love NY and figured since our venue was in the heart of Brooklyn, we decided to come up with a NY theme. Our invitations were also one of a kind, do it yourself invite. We decided to make a wallet with CK designed all over and inside would have little pockets - a NYC metrocard which was the RSVP card, a business card with Chris and my information for the RSVPS, a drivers license of NY and Florida with our pictures on it with the information of the venue and the chapel. Then a strip of pictures of Chris and I as a photobooth picture. The rooftop was cocktail hour, where you had a great view of the Brooklyn bridge and the NYC skyline. When you walked into the main ballroom, there was a table that had a polaroid camera in which guests could take their pictures, place it in the guestbook and write a little note for us. We had everything NYC like, the placecards were broadway tickets with their names on it and a "playbill" which served as the program. Now to expand on the placecards and playbill. The venue - Stage Six Steiner studios is a movie studio. So Chris and I decided to actually make a movie and play it as our entrance video. Throughout the year while we were preparing, we were preparing a movie as well. It's called "The Maagtrix" which you can actually find on You Tube. Hence, the broadway tickets served as their placecard which included the guest's name, the name of the movie, and the date. The Playbill was our own Movie "The Maagtrix" and inside was the menu for dinner, a program, a thank you note from Chris and I, a little quiz for the guests about us, and some information about the entourage. I think what everyone had most fun about was our entrance. Chris and I decided to play a little trick, while the DJ got everyone up and out of their seats, introduces our names "Everyone, ladies and gentlemen, let's give a big round of applause for the bride and groom - CHRIS AND KATRINA" Everyone starts getting excited and scream and yell, but the bridesmaid comes up to the DJ and whispers in his ear "They're not here". So the DJ tells everyone that we're not there, and we are unfortunately running on filipino time, trying to stall. Meanwhile, he tells them let's watch a pre-wedding interview of Katrina and Chris - which leads into a movie video of what actually happened to us and why we're late to the wedding. The movie is a mock movie of The Matrix and the movie Looper. To summarize the movie, I was looped on to the top of a mountain in a different time zone in my snowboarding suit and were being chased by some guys who were trying to capture me. I managed to run away from them and somehow looped back into real time and found Chris (during this time, Chris was trying to find where I was and got into a fight looking for me). Chris and I rush to the venue in our car, explaining to each other what happened, and the end of the movie leads into Chris and I walking into Steiner Studios and walk into the ballroom and everyone claps and gives us a round of applause! What we loved most about our wedding day is the love we felt from everyone that day. From the time of the ceremony, the cries and emotion we felt and even during our reception - the surprise performance from our Entourage "I think I want to marry you" and bringing Chris and I on to the stage to perform with them. To top everything off - the food. Abigail Kirsch did an amazing job! From the cocktails to the sit down dinner to the desserts. Everyone could not stop raving about the food. The pictures says it all. Chris and I were stuffed and so were our guests. This caterer did an amazing job!
Photographer: Laura Yang Photography // Venue: Stage 6 Steiner Studios // Wedding Dress: Tracey by Sottero and Midgley // Bridesmaids dresses: Bari Jay // Grooms Suit: Hugo Boss // Florist: Madison Florist // Hair & Make-up: VickyC 5 // Videographer: J Castillo films // Caterer & Cake: Abigail Kirsch // Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka and Toms // DJ: Ultimate Sound DJs // Venue Coordinator: Eric Hoffman // Green Screen Photo Booth: Ovation Photobooth
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