27 March 2014

Travel Thursdays: Santorini

Lovers of the sky and the sea meeting to embrace to create a splendid scenery among the most charming white houses roofed over with blue color to compliment the beauty of Heaven, Santorini will take your breath away!

Located at the Cyclades islands of Greece, Santorini is a true gem. Santorini is well known for hospitality and generosity which you will find everywhere. At local restaurants, narrow streets filled with happy people and the music of Greece that will make you feel at home.

Diversity, kindness and faithfulness to traditions will beautifully depict Santorini which we recommend visiting! It will be so worth it!

About the trip: We traveled to the Cyclades islands of Greece for one week at the end of summer, celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We chose these locations looking for a trip that could offer us some days of adventure and some days of simply luxurious relaxation. 

We spent the first days on Milos. A place for adventure, good food, swimming, magnificent sceneries, a wide variety of beaches. Some of our favourite places were the Sarakiniko beach, a white rock coast with a small bay; and the Papafragas beach where the sea reaches a tiny sandy beach between tall rocky walls. 

The second part of our trip was a luxurious relaxing stay on Santorini. A place with breathtaking views and perfect sunsets. We stayed in Imerovigly, and it was a great choice as, unlike the more popular Oia, it is connected to the next two towns, Fira and Thira. We enjoyed walking the roads overlooking the bay. Try Vanila restaurant for fresh fish food (http://vanilia.gr/).

In Santorini we stayed at Vinsanto Villas in the Cave Suite, we just loved how this room looked like.
Photography: Maria Hendengren

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