01 April 2014

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Wedding

God is everywhere for God is love...

It's not surprising how these breathtaking photographs captured by Fabio Oliveira made us emotional. Almost as if we look at someone we have been knowing for years.. The presence of Godly love is so powerful in every single image that it's almost overwhelming.

The beautiful bride describes this place as the most beautiful one in the country. Surrounded by rock formations, deep blue waters, a small white church welcomes the bride and the groom as well as their guests to enjoy the couple's holy matrimony. The matrimony of love, unity, faith, loyalty and pious people whose ever word praises God.

Inspired by nautical motifs, sea shells, corals and kindred spirit, this beach wedding features our favorite part of all church weddings: a coronation ceremony of the newlyweds as a symbol of their eternal love and devotion.

From the bride: "My wedding was a bit different from those usually happen in Goiânia, our city in the center of Brazil. People not used to get married on the beach and we choose the most beautiful place in the country, the island of Fernando de Noronha, a place we have gone since we start dating, four years ago, and where he proposed to me! Everything has been much more charming because being a small place, there were many people involved and excited in the organization. On the wedding day I got dressed in a gorgeous hostel. The room was a bungalow with one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. I was with my mother, my goddaughter (bridesmaid), my makeup artist, photographer and filmmaker. I pick this moment, because it was one of the most special moments, that I do not forget the boys amusing me, making me feel special and even helping me to wear the wedding dress. Then I went to the ceremony site, walking along a path with sea view up to the the cliff, which was located the Little Chapel of Saint Peter. Yes, this was a moment of mine, because I walked myself for another 5 minutes, very happy for that grace of God, to be in an amazing place being awaited by loved and happy people. My ceremony was Catholic Orthodox, the wind was very strong and the most fun part was the struggle of the dear Father Rafael with his cassock that kept him cover his face, and his jokes so much fun my guests. It was a special moment for me and my fiance, we were only two, although many guests. After, in the reception we danced all night, which was so engaging that everyone who worked in it, as waiters and even the chef, came to dance with us. It was unforgettable for everyone. I say this because today, the people in the island city and our people thank for having been invited, and comment have been the most beautiful and fun wedding they have ever been, and, the best, congratulate me for my wedding dress, because it was, also the most beautiful we have ever seen, and that yes, a woman as me, is more than an accomplishment."

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