15 April 2014

Romantic Florida Engagement Session

Sometimes things that happen in our lives may seem like they don't make sense.. and perhaps it's true sometimes, but wait till you hear this story of love and miracles that happened to Candi and Tucker when they had no idea how many blessings they would receive when meeting for the first time!

We love stories and each and every love story is so special and unique. And when special love stories like the one that Candi and Tucker would share with their kids as they grow up, we end up having our hearts filled with joy and excitement for those who never give up searching for someone to spend the rest of their lives with!

We hope you enjoy reading this beautiful love story as well as the super sweet images by Eternal Light Photography!

Their love story: We met in March 2010. Candi was working in a sports rehabilitation practice and I was working on my wake boarding career. But 7 days before the first time we laid eyes on each other I broke my leg wake boarding and there went my riding career, little did I know I was losing something to only gain something better! On the 7th day after my brake and surgery I ended up in Candi's rehab room to find my self star struck with my jaw dropped. I knew right then and there this girl was going to be a very big part of my life. Finally after a few months of endless flirting I finally scored her number! She did not give it up easily. A couple days later I texted her happy birthday after remembering hearing her and her co workers discussing how she was going to celebrate, little did she know a few days later she would be spending it with me! We spent the whole day together with a nice lunch, we had a couple movies picked out for night time, I even introduced her to my parents the first date cuz I was so sure that she was going to mean something to me. Shortly after starting the twilight movie we looked deeply into each others eyes with the tv light lighting up each others faces and leaned in for our first...last...kiss....and from that moment on we knew that love was bound to hit us soon!

How he proposed: It was my Birthday. He took me & our kids out to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory because I love their Chicken Marsala & of course their Cheese Cake. When we arrived at the restaurant I could tell something was up because our children would not stop smiling. I had a feeling that something special was about to happen! We sat down & ordered our dinner. Then it was time for desert. Tucker ordered me red velvet cheese cake cause that's my favorite, as the waitress was bringing out the cheese cake I looked at the kids & they had an even bigger smile on their face. He told me to blow out the candles & make a wish. Soon as I opened my eyes he was on one knee & asked me if I would marry him. I said yes of course! I could not believe it that's what I wished for when I blew out my candles, the man of my dreams, best friend , & soul mate asked me to be his forever. That was the best Birthday of my life.

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