24 April 2014

Southern California Private Ranch Wedding

Oh those modern days knights in shinning armors.. Truly they still do exist! This wedding will make your hearts melt! Are you ready for it? Let's explore and enjoy it together!

This couple, a handsome groom who is actually a naval officer, and his  lovely bride, decided to give their guests something incredibly special.. their love story depicted as a story of two loving people pouring their hearts out the way you'd see it in stories we read dreaming of one big and true love.

Lovers of books, libraries and creating special memories, this couple picked their backyard to be their wedding venue, and with some sweet little accents such as vintage books, a big colorful map and a globe, we're invited to travel with them! 

From the couple: When we envisioned our wedding we wanted guests to feel like they were walking through a storybook as our love story played out before their eyes. Our backyard wedding was the perfect backdrop for us to detail our history for our family and friends. 

While we were finishing college, on opposite sides of the country, we would read books together over the phone. It was a unique time in our relationship that allowed us to encourage each other and we wanted to pay tribute to a memory that helped pave our foundation. As avid book worms we still curl up in libraries together and seek out local book shops during our travels. 

On weekends we scoured vintage bookstores to find classics novels for our wedding d├ęcor, and being the bookworms that we are, we often came home with a few new reads for ourselves! Having traveled across the country together over the past several years it was important to incorporate our adventures into our wedding in a way that continued to narrate our story. We decided to swap out traditional table numbers for places around the world that we’ve journeyed to. We nestled a summary of why that place is memorable to us into a book that rested on each table, alongside a photograph from each place. 

The entire celebration was a labor of love with help from so many people that mean the world to us. Our ceremony and reception captured us perfectly. It really does happen in the blink of an eye, but it truly was a perfect day!!! We feel blessed beyond words and we’re both excited to see where the next chapter takes us!

Honeymoon location: Europe

About their honeymoon: Ben is a Naval Officer and was finishing up a training cycle during our wedding so we delayed our honeymoon a bit. We will be backpacking through Europe and sailing the Mediterranean Sea this summer! We are really excited to add a few more adventures to our story.

Photography: Closer to Love Photography & Design 
Videography: Amari Productions
Cake: Jill’s Cake Creations
Catering: Lucille’s BBQ
Floral’s (centerpieces/arrangements): Jenna Fernandez
Event day coordinator: Violet Marin
Rentals: iPartyPalace 
DJ: Jonathon “Flassh” Gordon
Wedding location: Private ranch in Rancho Cucamonga
Wood Signage: Jenna Fernandez
Book Centerpieces: Jenna Fernandez
Framed Signs: Jenna Fernandez
Wedding Programs: Jenna Fernandez

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