03 April 2014

Travel Thursdays: Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Argentina, derived from Latin argentum "silver", is a very unique country. Dressed in silver coats of ice and snow, it hides its passionate heart full of hospitality and kindness of local people.

This land of rocks, magnificent mountains, pleasant subtropical climate and a true paradise for explorers, Argentina remains true to its traditions and cultural diversities. If your heart seeks excitement, powerful scenery and nature as a masterpiece of creation, then by all means, please visit Argentina and you won't regret it!

From the photographer: "October 2013 was the month a work colleague and myself chose to go on an adventure to the south of our country, Argentina. The Perito Moreno glacier is one of the most famous places to visit within my country and it's also becoming quite popular as a tourist attraction. The glacier is part of the Los Glaciares National Park located in Santa Cruz, Argentina. Once you enter the park you have a long drive ahead until your eyes meet one of the most amazing sights I've seen in my life so far. The car takes a turn and then, all of the sudden, you're face to face with this ice barrier. It is so unexpected that it hits you full force and I have to admit that I teared up when I first laid eyes on it. The scenario is so stunning that you feel forever humbled by the amazingness Mother Nature is! There is a boat ride to the North wall of the barrier that I highly recommend because once you get there, you are so close to the wall and you can experience the moment some ice chunks drop to the water. The roar the ice makes while breaking from the huge icy mass is loud and in that moment everybody can just stay quiet and witness something unique. The silence is followed by a loud groups of "awwwws". The winter months (March through September) can be a bit brutal for those not used to bitter cold weather and snow. The wind blows icy and gelid and the closer you get to the glacier, the colder it gets. And the snow storms can reduce visibility a lot so I say October through March are good months to visit." 
Photographer: Nat Bottacin Photography
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