22 April 2014

Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate Wedding

This aristocratic wedding at Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate reminds of charming stories coming from England about stunning weddings of 19th century. Perhaps, it's because the venue for this wedding is outstanding, perhaps, it's the bride all dressed to amaze or the reception area all decorated to please eyes of those who come to celebrate with the couple.

This love story had many interesting moments, but yet it overcame all obstacles to blossom and unite two people who so eagerly want to connect their lives into one life filled with devotional vows and faithfulness.

About the couple: Megan met Marcus while she was a senior in high school. Meg's dad forced her to attend a recruiting trip to Southern CT State University, though her heart was set on URI she listened to dad and went anyway. Certain CT and her swimming career were behind her, she attended the trip with trepidation. Needless to say she met Marcus on this trip and her life was forever changed. She was immediately drawn to Marcus and having swimming in common it was an easy getting to know you phase. They swam together for the next four years. During this time they met the very friends who stood by their sides at their wedding. Amazing memories were made and all of them with Marcus by her side. Although the two lived more than 1800 miles apart during summer, (Marcus lived in Austin, TX and Megan in CT) they believe their love grew even stronger in spite of the distance. From the moment they met at Southern CT State University, they became a team, and have never looked back.

About 2 weeks after celebrating their nuptials here in CT they all flew down to Austin to have another wedding that would include with Marcus' extended family and friends who could not make it to CT. Everyone wants to get to do it all again once they realize the wedding day is done and Meg & Marcus were lucky enough to do just that.

Photographer: Christina Corneau Photography
Equipment Rentals: Abbey Tent Rentals
Event Designer: Amy Champagne Events
Dress Store: Dama Bianca Bridal
Floral Designer: Fleurescent
Makeup Artist: Giggar Makeup Artistry
Musicians: Millenium Music
Cake Designer: Sweet Maria's
Reception Venue: Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate

Submitted via Two Bright Lights
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