02 May 2014

Destination Wedding in Cancun

"We got married at the Excellence Riviera Maya Resort in Cancun and we had such an amazing time. Orchids and daisies were our main flowers. My bouquet was white orchids and so were the boutineers. My bridesmaids' bouquets were beautiful tropical flowers that matched our center pieces. Jaime was with me through the whole day and chase was back and forth between the groomsmen and us. Being from the states, we love our sweet frozen coffee so Chase took it upon himself to help the people at the resort make us some. We were some very happy girls. Especially since the spa did not have air conditioning and it was hot!!! We wanted to take some "first look" pictures before the ceremony but the groom was MIA! Chase finally found him but as Jaime was taking some bridal pictures, he nearly walked right over to where Jaime and I were doing pictures so I almost didn't get my "first look" pictures that I wanted. When it came time for bridal party pictures, my brother is missing in half of them because he was MIA and we didn't have time to wait and find him. During the wedding ceremony, the man performing ceremony asked "Who gives the woman to this man?" My father replied and Heath just stood there, facing me. Not realizing he needed to come take me hand. Guess he was just nervous considering he was sick and throwing up the whole way to Mexico. He was sick on the plane, at the airport, and in the restroom while we were trying to check in to our room. But our day ended wonderfully. We all ended up jumping over the balcony where the reception was, into the pool." -the couple

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