02 May 2014

Vintage Styled Bridal Shoot

From Desiree Shuey: "I had seen pictures of my mom on her and my dad’s wedding day a million and a half times, but it wasn’t until the middle of 2012 that I started looking at them differently. I started looking at my mom’s dress and kept having these visions of the perfect model in my mom’s 33 year old gown. So, it was then I asked her if she knew where her dress was, and she DID! After that, I started allowing myself to imagine further than I had previously done. I thought and planned out this session in my head for months and to see everything come together was more than I could have imagined.

I met with Collette of Brier Rose Design to talk about the very specific ideas I had about my vision for the florals. When the day came for the session, I couldn’t believe believe my eyes. She nailed it…which I knew she would! The florals were nothing short of perfection.

Don’t even get me started on the hair and makeup…gah!! STUNNING! Vanessa of MUAH by Vanessa Irizarry took my vision and ran with it. After she was done with the hair and makeup I think I remember gasping…not 100% sure though. This girl has TALENT! And the custom head piece, made by Kayla Leppelman of Love Sparkle Pretty was just absolutely stunning with Mindy’s flowing curls for the second hair look.

And to my beautiful….wait, that word doesn’t even do her justice, I need to make up my own word for Mindy. I know for certain there is no word glorious enough to describe Mindy’s beauty. She wore my mom’s dress beautifully, and it fit her like a glove! There is undoubtedly nobody else on this entire earth I could have imagine modeling for me when I started bursting with visions for this session. Mindy was the FIRST and only person to came to mind, and my oh my, did she knock all of our socks off!"

Photographer: Desiree Shuey
Florals and floral head piece: Collette Budd of Brier Rose Design
Custom lace head piece: Kayla Leppelman of Love Sparkle Pretty 
Hair and makeup: Vanessa Irizarry of MUAH
Wedding gown: Photographer's mom
Skirt: Desiree Shuey

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