12 August 2014

A Latvian Love Shoot

Their love story: The first time we met was 3 years ago on my birthday, we were dancing together all night long. Now every 11th of June we have 2 in 1, my birthday and our anniversary.
We are so blessed, that we found each other. We support each other in every step. I have always believed, that we all have one true love, one soulmate, our other half, the one that makes your world go round, for me it’s Aigars. We love to travel and now we are traveling together with our baby girl Luize, it is so much fun and we are enjoying time together as a family. In winter we snowboard and in summer we ride bicycles, swim and go to summer music festivals. We love long walks by the sea and now with our daughter Luize it’s happening very often.

About their shoot: The photo shoot in April was a new experience for us. It has been a long time since we have looked into each others eyes for so long and enjoyed every moment. We were in old town of Riga in early morning, it was so quiet and peaceful there. We loved to work with Nikita! We loved her ideas and technique, her photos are just amazing.

Photographer: Nikita Lee Photography

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