19 August 2014

American Fork Amphitheater Wedding

This adorable Utah DIY wedding will sure make your heart flutter! We love the bride's look and the outdoor tent reception. Everything was so personal and just lovely! 

About their wedding: We decided to take this on traditional Utah style. 

Do everything you can yourself. 

Maybe it's thrift, or the diy experience, or maybe the challenge. Even if it was pointless, it was worth it. We spent countless hours preparing, organizing, and educating ourselves on how to accomplish each phase of the process. Whenever we thought we were somewhat ahead of schedule we would have a quick reality check that would dump 10 more projects into our hands. 

One thing we though we must budget for would be a good photographer. After all, memory fades but the picture remains. Conveniently we happen to be photographers ourselves so we knew what we were looking for. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem in the industry due to so many taking an interest in photography in conjunction with cameras becoming so simple to use. We literally spent months looking for someone that wasn't over budget but could really take a picture. 

We have a lot of weddings in Utah and many of them do things for tradition but are brutal on the guests. So we broke the mold and decided to take a new approach. Our end goal would be to make sure everyone, including ourselves had fun and only do the things that made sense to us.

Thanks to the internet, we found many useful ideas to save money and give us our inspiration. We narrowed it down to an outdoor summer wedding with semi casual style. After making list after list we made the choice, booked the venue, and started our projects before we thought.. What if it rains?… We didn't want to settle for anything else but our dream so we took the gamble. 

In the end it turned out amazing. We had fun, the guests had fun, and we danced in the rain. Almost a year later, we still hear comparisons of our wedding to others. I guess we set the bar. Everything was beautiful and everyone was so helpful, especially our families.

Photographer: Emily Susan Photography // Wedding Dress: Lesly Smith // Tent Rental: Diamond Rental // Tables & Chair Rentals: Utah Chair Rentals // 

Honeymoon Location: Las Vegas
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