07 August 2014

Playful Outdoors Engagement Session

Their love story: We were both in the same group of six friends and dit a lot of things together. At one point, one guy from the group went abroad and another boy was dating a girl from the same group. Rick and I did things more and more together and we got to know each other very well. We texted everyday and we we went to the movie very often. Then I was in a little accident and my feet were in plaster. I cannot walk or drive. Every sunday Rick picked me up to go to church. This continued as long as my legs were in plaster. But from both sides, it was not more than friendship. Until I went on ski vacation with colleagues. Rick texted me that he thought he was going to miss me very well. I did not know how it was to be understood. I texted back seriously and it turned out that he was serious too. We realized that we felt more for each other and two weeks later we were a couple.

The proposal: The proposal was a real surprise!! Rick had already said that we would have a BBQ with his sister and his entire family. So that day we drove that way. I was so tired that day, so i slept the whole ride in the car, which was very good for Rick (he was very nervous!). When we were almost there, Rick thought that we could go to the beach, because his sister lives close to the beach. So we did. When we were walking at the boulevard, I found out that Rick had very sweaty hands, but I had nothing on. We walked towards the beach huts, where Rick wanted to go right. I wanted to go left, but Rick convinced me to go right. There was a picnic basket and suddenly I suspected something, but i kept my mouth. There proposed Rick and it was very romantic. We were alone at the beach and in the basket were all sorts of yummy things. His sister had prepared this. It was very romantic!

Photographer: Inge Kooiman Photography

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