02 September 2014

Lincoln Park Engagement Session

About their engagement session: "The engagement session went great because Mark and Magda used some of the things in our neighborhood Jenny and I love the most, like the architecture of some of the buildings and the trees and nature in Lincoln Park. It felt natural, not staged. And the feedback we received from our friends was overwhelming, people saying they could really see how in love we are by the photos."

Their love story: We met on Match.com. As a writer/editor, one of the things I liked about the site was you could tell who's able to put a few sentences together. Jenny's wit and sense of humor were obvious from the moment I saw her headline, which was "Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week," and the ensuing anecdotes enhanced my initial perception. As a psychotherapist, Jenny has developed - or has always possessed - the ability to approach stress with calm and empathy, and she's been my sympathetic ear, trusted adviser, loyal companion and critic, when necessary. But the one quality that I always point to as the one I love the most is her ability to make me laugh, and her ever-present laughter. Rarely a day goes by without us sharing moments of serious laughter, and never does a day go by without us sharing a hug in the morning or a kiss at night. It's those moments of laughter and intimacy that serve as the foundation for our love. We've been with each other for over 2 1/2 years, but I feel like we're just starting out and I can't wait to live the rest of my life with Jenny, who's made me the luckiest guy in the world.

How he proposed: It's corny, but often on Saturday mornings I go for a run and stop by the market near us for groceries, and I always get flowers that I present to Jenny to signify our "weekend of love." Well one Saturday morning I prepared a collage of some of our favorite photos and put it in a glass-bottom tray, along with a rose, two glasses of mimosas and the ring. When Jenny woke up, I put our favorite song on and carried the tray into the bedroom like it was breakfast in bed. Then Jenny saw the ring and I proposed!

Photographer: Mark Trela Photography

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