09 October 2014

Travel Thursdays: The Amazon

"A travel buddy of mine asked out of the blue if I wanted to go to the Amazon rainforest. Who can pass that up? We flew into Quito Ecuador then to the very small town of Coca. From there no roads go into the forest, only boats. After six hours upstream we hopped into canoes and paddled three hours through a beautiful black water creak. Finally opening into a serene lake in the middle of the rainforest. Where we stayed the majority of our trip living with the local Kichwa tribe.

Each day we went on multiple excursions and really experienced the true rainforest. We hiked untouched wilderness, witnessed amazing wildlife, climbed above the canopy,  and of course got rained on… a lot. We got to see every type of animal you could imagine seeing in a forest like this, monkeys, birds, sloths, snakes, giant river otters, the list goes on. One evening we set out to hike before sunset and timed it so the return walk would be night time. It was remarkable how the forest changes when the sun goes down. Larger animals disappear to make room for thousands of insects. Every inch of the trail was covered in Jurassic sized bugs!

From there we left the forest and flew back to Quito for a few more days. We toured the city and ate some unbelievably good food. For one last thrill we decided to hike up the beautiful glacier topped active volcano Cotopoxi. We made it as high as 17,000 feet and couldn’t go any more. Luckily we made it to the glaciers. From sea level rainforest to above the clouds volcanos this was a truly great adventure." - Euric of Emily Fuselier Photography

Photographer: Euric of Emily Fuselier Photography
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